Coco Business Inspiration : Terumi Ohta

Terumi Ohta is the ultimate, well travelled #girlboss who is meticulous with an envious eye for detail. This is a girl that is always open to new ideas and is willing to expand and grow her brand to make sure that she offers exactly what her clients want. In the past, Terumi has been focused on the craft world where she established herself as a needle felt artist but now, she is ready to learn new skills to take over the world of art and interiors. 

Here, Terumi spent some time with #TeamCoco to tell us more…

You are moving away from arts and crafts and focusing on arts and fashion. How do you plan and making that transition?
I would love to focus on art mainly, also interior and fashion more than craft. Because it seems most of buyers on craft field seek mass products. But as long as I do on my own, am not able to live up to their demand. Another reason is that I would like to make much bigger creations (sculptures) and show at art galleries more than craft shows.

I am considering having two brands as a craft brand and an art brand. I will design and produce such cute/ unique products under the craft brand (with a team), create art works under the art brand (on my own) and exhibit both fields. I am doing both ways on my own on the same brand at the moment but that’s one of my future plans.  It means I won’t really move away from crafts but just different style.

What new products will you be launching this summer?
I am focusing on making Black & White creations this year. Many frame works have been created.

You are the ultimate #girlboss who has travelled all over the world. Where is your favourite place and why?
I have traveled many times but actually mostly the same places. (UK, France US..) Therefore, there are not so many places to compare.. but I still think Cotswold is a very sweet and lovely place. I was lucky to have perfectly  gorgeous weather in May a few years ago but everything was like magical. Pretty cottages, the morning sun with tweets of birds, and delicious cream tea… Ah just Fantastic place.

You are clearly very creative, what do you do for inspiration?
Mmm.. my case, I am influenced on things I watched. By anything when I walk my dog at a park or in a museum… It could also be photo images.

What does a typical day in your life look like?
Mostly working on my creations for new events up coming…

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