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It’s that time of the year where everybody is looking at the best way to get fit, get healthy and shed those extra festive pounds. It’s definitely been a hot topic here at House of Coco and so we have been on the hunt for some companies that can make our ‘lose some weight’ resolution that little bit easier.

At The Organic Juicery they understand the value of good nutrition and want to make your wellbeing effortless. The clue is in their name – all of their stunningly tasty juices and nut milks are organic. Designed to cleanse and heal your body, their drinks are tuned to perfection and packed full of the best natural ingredients, replenishing live enzymes and health boosting nutrients.

Grown from a passion for producing powerful raw juices that aren’t just for the nutrition-savvy – they are led by their founder and qualified nutrition consultant Hayley Fahy.

Here, Hayley tells us more…

When did you launch and what was the reason behind it?
The company was launched in March 2015 with our founding principles based on a desire to make it easier for busy individuals to maintain healthy lifestyles.  As my work schedule is hectic, often dictating long hours with little break it is essential that I plan my dietary intake each day to ensure that I get enough nutrients to be able to give my best in my practise.  From the knowledge I had acquired through my studies I devised recipes for nutritious soups, salads, and cleansing cold-pressed juices and incorporated them into my diet on a daily basis.  I found that I had more mental clarity, a clearer complexion, and a new found energy and no longer needed caffeine to get me through my day.  Many of us are running on empty, relying on coffee and sugar to meet daily demands which has implications on our wellbeing.  Over consumption of caffeine and sugar causes spikes in our blood sugar which upsets the balance of the endocrine system.  This potentially leads to Type 2 diabetes which currently affects approximately 3.3 million in the UK with this figure set to rise.

Based on our research we saw that there was a niche in the market for premium, certified organic, cold-pressed juice in the UK.  The cold-pressed juice market is estimated at $100 million a year in the US and has taken off massively here as it is a fast and convenient way for the consumer to get sufficient nutrients into their body.  The response to this trend has been a surge in juice companies, however, many are not organic or cold-pressed and their products contain high levels of sugar in the form of fructose.  Having spent months perfecting our range we pride ourselves in delivering products that are premium, certified organic, low in sugar and delicious.

What is your background?
At degree level I studied politics and also had a keen interest in natural health so whilst studying my bachelor’s degree I went to night school and studied a range of holistic therapies.  I soon found that this was my passion and went on to set up a complimentary therapy practise which is now well established treating a range of ailments.  It became apparent over time that a lot of the health complaints that I was treating were stress-related so I continued my studies and gained a post graduate degree with The University of Aberdeen in studies in mindfulness.  I now practise yoga daily and meditate regularly even for just ten minutes a day which helps immensely in maintaining calm in my busy life and advise clients to do the same.  To be able to advise professionally on all aspects of wellbeing it is important to have a thorough knowledge and understanding.  I then went on to study to become a nutrition consultant which was more of an undertaking than first anticipated due to the level of knowledge required, with studies often involving going through journals to the early hours of the morning.  I found my nutrition studies to be invaluable and am able to use this knowledge on a daily basis, and this inevitably led to the formation of ‘The Organic Juicery.’

What is the hardest challenge that you have faced since starting the company?
When we first came up with the idea we had no concept of the work that was required before launching the company which was particularly challenging as I also had my busy practise to maintain.  No decision was taken lightly from branding, deciding whether to be certified organic or non-organic, sourcing the perfect bottle, and we even spent hours deliberating over font for the website and promotional literature.  I would say the choice to be certified organic with the soil association has been one of the hardest challenges due to the paperwork involved and potential problems in relation to ordering produce.  This is not a decision that we regret, however, as we are an ethical company and organic farming is kinder to the environment and organic produce is higher in antioxidants.  To be certified organic was a conscious decision as the core of the company is based on 3 day juice cleanses which our customers do on a monthly or quarterly basis to rid their body of impurities and restore balance.  From our research we feel that cleanses must be organic to be effective as the whole ethos is based around absorbing nutrients without having to break down toxins. So in a nutshell the hardest challenge has been the decision to be certified organic but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell us one fact about you that people wouldn’t know…
I am a big fan of yoga and meditation retreats.  Life is often fast paced and after a while this can be all consuming and at times stressful.  Whilst I love short breaks and visiting new places I only feel fully restored when I have taken seven days or more on retreat preferably in a beautiful setting.  I have recently returned from a yoga retreat at the Kasbah Du Toubkal in the atlas mountains in Morocco which was such a beautiful experience… can’t wait to book my next trip!

2016 is here, where do you plan on taking the brand?
We are so excited to be one of the few companies to be certified organic in the UK and we are thrilled from the feedback from our customers.  The next step to drive the business forward which we are currently working on is to expand distribution in retail outlets throughout the UK.   


To date what has been the highlight since launching?
In business every day is different and since launching we have experienced so many high points making it difficult to pinpoint one in particular.  When you launch a business it can be daunting no matter how much you research the market as what matters at the end of the day is the customer, and if your product is not well received then you will inevitably face difficulty.  Since our launch I would say that the main highlight has been the amazing feedback that we have received from our customers and seeing the business grow month by month.

Which city do you feel most at home in London, Paris or New York?

List three beauty products that you will not leave the house without.
Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in rose shimmer

L’Occitane hand cream in shea butter

Benefit brow mascara

Style means…?
Style is not so much about following trends but is an expression of values, persona, and individual identity.

Best thing about London to you.
For me there is a buzz and an air of excitement in London that I have not felt in any other city in the world.  There is such diversity and you never have to travel too far to find what you need from yoga studios with amazing teachers such as ‘Yoga Junction’ in Crouch End, to restaurants with fabulous views my favourites being Skylon and The Shard.

Statement shoe or bag.
Statement bag most definitely…. I can never resist the Mulberry store on New Bond Street whenever I am in London.

If you had to, what piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you wear every day?
I love quality clothing that I feel comfortable and I am usually seen in either Jack Wills or Sweaty Betty.  Sweaty Betty have a beautiful range of tops in beautiful colours that I wear for yoga, training, or with leggings and a hoodie on colder days.


Favourite love song.
Daniel Bedingfield ‘If you’re not the one.’

Best place for a coffee.
My favourite place for a coffee or green tea would be Java in Lytham which is the perfect destination for summer months.

Most memorable piece of advice given to you
Surround yourself with a good network and listen to worthy and experienced advisors.

Guilty pleasure
At this time of year snuggling in my onesie with a Baileys

If you could spend 24 hours anywhere in the world where would it be?

Where can people find out more?

The website is

Instagram: organicjuicery_

Twitter: @OrganicJuicery_

Facebook: The Organic Juicery     

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