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Coco Conversations: Snail & Hare this World Earth Day

Coco Conversations: Snail & Hare this World Earth Day

This World Earth Day, House of Coco chats to the founder of Snail & Hare - an eco-friendly beauty salon in London


Born out of a love for all things beauty – but also the environment – Snail & Hare is an eco-friendly beauty salon in the heart of London’s Soho. What better place to get your nails or pampering session done this World Earth Day?

Bringing the most innovative organic brands around, the salon’s treatments are carefully selected to get you the pampering session you deserve, without taking a toll on the planet. The brands used at Snail & Hare reuse and recycle and the salon is committed to promoting sustainability in beauty, one treatment at a time.

This World Earth Day, Amira Arasteh sits (virtually) down with the founder of Snail & Hare, Aya Alieva, to discuss more about the brand’s ethos and her passion for both beauty and the environment.

Coco Conversations: Snail & Hare this World Earth Day

What makes Snail & Hare eco-friendly?

We make sure that we use only biodegradable recyclable materials, not only with our brands but also every day in the salon. We recycle and also use 30 per cent less water for our back wash and pedicures. It’s important that we also encourage our customers to reuse and recycle by providing them a refill service for OWAY products, as well as recyclable packaging of Sacred Nature.

Why did you decide to set up an eco-friendly salon?

I felt that beauty should not cost the earth and wanted to somehow contribute to showing people that we can be both conscious of our environment as well as care about our appearance.

London is a great choice for a first site. Do you have a second favourite city or one with which you think another Snail & Hare would resonate well?

It might do well in New York… I would actually love to open a second site in Berlin though. I feel people would respond well to the message of responsible beauty there.

Do you find your customers specifically come to you because of your sustainable ethos?

I believe it is definitely one of the reasons our clients come to Snail & Hare. They are conscious about the products being used on them and where they originate from. They want to support a salon that is committed to supporting our planet and environment.

Coco Conversations: Snail & Hare this World Earth Day

What’s your personal go-to sustainable beauty products?

I really love this new brand that we carry – Sacred Nature. Their creams are full of naturally sourced ingredients to protect your skin from environmental aggressors. Moreover, the brand is truly sustainable, has a negative carbon footprint and is committed to reforestation.

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year?

I will be working, trying to promote & create awareness of sustainability in beauty to our online audience.

What’s the easiest thing someone can do to be more sustainable with their beauty regime?

I think just being aware and choosing the right brands and products that support and promote sustainability.

Amira Arasteh

Amira Arasteh

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