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If you’ve always wanted to host a dinner with a Michelin-style display but lack the necessary culinary skills (and time) to do so, #TeamCoco babes Hannah Tan-Gillies and Melanie Sophia [...]

If you’ve always wanted to host a dinner with a Michelin-style display but lack the necessary culinary skills (and time) to do so, #TeamCoco babes Hannah Tan-Gillies and Melanie Sophia Marti have come together for a joint review after spending a truly unforgettable evening with eho chef, London’s premier chef matchmaking platform. Here’s what went down.

Hannah Tan-Gillies

Now I’ve always fashioned myself as the ‘culinary mastermind’ at home, but my cooking style — which basically consists of chucking a load of random things into a wok — always leaves a lot of mess to clean up. Enter eho chef; a ‘chef matchmaking platform’ that is all about bringing chefs and foodies together through tech.

The platform easily connects you with talented chefs in your neighbourhood, who offer a perfectly curated menu to answer to your specific tastes and dietary requirements. The process is simple. Sign up and say a few things about yourself (like any good matchmaking app) then put in a few details.

Chef Nico answered our call and offered a menu of miso-glazed salmon, chicken ballotine, and coconut panacotta. Yum. During our dinner, Chef Nico sorted everything out, from meal-prep to clean up. We literally had nothing to worry about!

The entire menu was expertly built around my rather complex dairy-free/gluten-free/wheat-free dietary restrictions, and Chef Nico certainly served it up with some style. Never did I think that such tantalising culinary creations could come out of my meagre 2 x 4 London kitchen, but I was certainly proven wrong. After our meal, we even shared a few drinks and a chat with the lovely Chef Nico. It was certainly a fantastic way to bring friends together over delicious food, and a great way to support talented young chefs like Chef Nico too.

What did you think Mel?

Melanie Sophia Marti

We found the whole eho chef concept such a great way to make a dinner party go from great to unforgettable so quickly. There’s nothing like serving up a Michelin-style meal for your guests in the comfort of your own home to blow a normal dinner party out of the water. There can be a lot of prep when having people over for dinner and you don’t really have time to spend with your guests if you’re cooking something special. Hiring eho chef means you can have a really impressive and delicious meal made fresh especially for your party whilst entertaining your guests.

Chef Nico took care of everything and was friendly, professional and calm in the kitchen (even when the fire alarm accidentally went off!). If you have any allergies to cater for that’s no problem. Our fabulous host Hannah spoke to the Chef beforehand and he curated a menu which was gluten, dairy and wheat free.

Dinner was an absolute delight and we were pleasantly surprised by every dish placed in front of us. I loved the cool and tangy salsa comprised of diced avocado, mango, red pepper, pickled onion and Asian dressing in the salmon starter. The most popular course with our party was the main course. Chef Nico served up the most tender and juiciest chicken plated up to perfection with caramelised onions and sliced potatoes. He also didn’t mind spilling his cooking secrets to us when we chatted to him about how he got the chicken cooked to perfection (65 degrees in the oven for an hour and a half). The final touch was the mango, lemongrass and coconut panacotta. The consistency was super soft and milky reminding me of coconut rice and mango desserts from Thailand.

With perfect portion sizes we left the meal comfortable and satisfied, with happy tummies that weren’t achingly full and equally not growling for more.

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