We all have those days when our skin isn’t as glowing as we’d like, even huge celebs like the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, or the Hadid sisters have problems with their skin on occasion, but what quick fix solutions do you have that will instantly offer some much needed care to help your skin feel happy again?

#TeamCoco are all about self-care and spending time relaxing and doing an in-depth skincare routine, but there are times when a simple quick fix is needed, and who doesn’t love a little beauty product that can help immediately with a skincare issue!

We have compiled a list of our favourite ‘3 Quick Fix Skincare Solutions’ that can help straightaway.

Acne and General Facials Skincare Issues

Our first product is Silver Spray by Colloidal Earth

The Silver Spray is great for the treatment of acne and skin issues, which are often associated with the menstrual cycle. No known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of traces of silver. Thus, colloidal silver has a plethora of benefits for the skin: it boasts anti-microbial effects, antibacterial properties, antiviral, is anti-fungal and can be used on the face to get rid of acne, scars, and blemishes quickly.

We love this quick fix skincare solution!

Priced at £22.99 (50ml), available from www.colloidalearth.com

Dark Spots around the Face and Eyes

Our second is in fact three products: Dark Spot Correcting Trio by ZENMED

Remove unwanted dark spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation by using this Doctor-formulated, medically approved skin lightening and dark spot correcting serum combined with the oxygenation benefits of microdermabrasion.

This is a little miracle quick fix trio!

Priced at £48, available from www.zenmed.com

Lips, Elbows, Knees, Heels and Ankles

Our third product is Wonder Balm by Rabot 1745 Beauty

This multi-tasking balm will become your handbag’s best friend. Featuring essential oils, this handy balm does everything from moisturising parched skin and lips, to taming eyebrows and softening cracked cuticles. Our personal favourite tip is to use it on dry elbows and knees. Housed in a beautiful reusable bamboo pot.

This is a perfect quick fix!

Priced at £9.95 (30ml), available from www.rabot1745beauty.com


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