We all have them, good hair days are amazing, and we relish in the fact that our locks are gorg, but we also have an occasional bad hair day where no matter what we do, our hair just ain’t gonna play ball, it may be because we skipped washing it last night, or we slept in a random position, but the most worrying of all our hair woes is when it looks ugly, and that’s never a good thing.

#TeamCoco are not adverse to all three of the above, and obvs our fave is when we have a good hair day, but what do we do if we’re having a bad hair day, or we’re going through an ugly hair phase, we simply search for the best products in our bathroom cabinet to achieve our end goal – the hair of our dreams!

We have compiled a dinky little list of a few of our favourite must-have haircare products.

Good Hair Day

If you are having a good hair day, then all you need is a little something to keep your style in place all day. Innersense Organic Beauty’s I Create Finish is a must-have hairspray for the days when your hair is seriously perfect, and all that’s needed is a spritz before you head out the door.

Innersense Organic Beauty, I Create Finish, £24 (10oz), from www.innersenseorganicbeauty.co.uk

If you have straightened your hair to perfection and you want it to stay that way for the remainder of the day, we highly recommend using just a little of this Fudge Gloss Dual-Purpose Blow-Dry & Finish Serum on the very tips of your hair to keep it from becoming frizzy and dry.

Fudge, Gloss Dual-Purpose Blow-Dry & Finish Serum, £13.95 (50ml), from www.lookfantastic.com

Bad Hair Day

We all have a bad hair day, and sometimes it’s not necessarily the hair itself that’s causing the issues, it may be the actual products you are using.

Therefore, if you’re heading down an environmental route, and you want to reduce the use of plastic, plus you’re looking to remove palm oil, sulphates, and petrochemical-derived dyes from your daily haircare then look no further than Ethique’s Tone it Down Shampoo and Conditioner bars. Specifically for blonde or lighter-toned hair.

Ethique, Tone it Down Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, from £14, available from www.ethique.co.uk

If your bad hair day is going from bad to worse, try massaging into the tips and long strands a little Coconut Hair Oil by Fair Squared. The oil will help to manage unruly, frizzy and dry hair, making it easy to comb and restore a healthy shine. Plus, it’s a FairTrade product too!

Fair Squared, Coconut Hair Oil, £13.95 (150ml), from www.pravera.co.uk

Ugly Hair Day

What is an ugly hair day, well it’s a day when absolutely nothing goes the way it should with your hair, it’s a day when you need to wear a hat or you simply want to hide from the world.

Instead of hibernating we recommend a detox hair mask to offer a little relief to your tired, stressed, and dishevelled hair. We are seriously loving the boost of life that the Khadi Ayurvedic Detox Hair Mask offers. It removes dandruff and impurities, it’s great to use before a colour treatment as it intensifies the colour outcome, and it gives both the hair and the scalp a fabulously deep cleanse.

Khadi, Ayurvedic Detox Hair Mask, £14.95 (150g), from www.khadihair.co.uk

If your curls aren’t behaving and they’ve taken on a life of their own, then you may need a simple spritz of a hydrating hair mist. We are into the Flora & Curl Floral Hydrating Hair Mist because it adds instant botanicals to thirsty hair through organic rose flower water, aloe vera, lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood. Perfect for dry hair as it offers hydration, softness, curl activation, and a wicked soothing finish.

Flora & Curl, Jasmine Oasis Hydrating Hair Mist, £22 (250ml), from www.floracurl.co.uk


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