Level up your pancake game this Shrove Tuesday

Flipping pancakes not your thing? Then how about a fabulous vegan ‘Iced Pancake Latte’, created by Dan Fellows (https://www.instagram.com/danfellows1/), double World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, and ambassador at pea-milk brand Sproud?

Lets get shaking:

Iced Pancake Latte
Double espresso / 2x capsules of high quality coffee
125ml Sproud ‘Unsweetened’ or ‘Barista’
10g Maple syrup
Pinch salt
10ml Aqua faba (water from tinned chickpeas – optional but adds great texture!)

1: Shake all ingredients hard over ice.
2: Strain into frozen glass over fresh ice.
3: Garnish with a twist of lemon peel and discard.

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