With temperatures rising in the UK and then dropping straight back down again, its proving impossible to build a little colour before the sun goes into hiding again. In the past #TeamCoco have delved into self-tanning and we all have our favourites in that department but with holiday and wedding season on the horizon, it’s more than likely than not, that our legs, arms and other bits may be on show, so self-tanning isn’t always ideal.

That’s why MysticTan has become our game changer. In just 3 minutes you are able to develop a full body tan to your personal preference.

A personalised experience from which you select your level of tan, your mixer and your scent, pop into the booth and in 3 minutes, voila, you’ve been basking on a beach!

When selecting your level of bronze, you can select from Luminous Light (1-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone), Magical Medium (2-4 shades darker) and Dazzling Dark (3-5 shades darker), I opted for medium, as I already have a slight bronzed base so light wouldn’t show and dark would take me to a whole new level of tan.

The customisation doesn’t stop there, you then select your ‘myxers’ these fall into three categories; Bronzers, Accelerators and Scents, of which you can select up to five.

Bronzers are available in a variety of shades to personalise the undertone of your tan, from Mocha-Kyssed (warm-bronze, giving a classic tan), Sun-Kyssed (warm-brown with red undertones; day in the sun look), Honey-Kyssed (warm-brown with golden undertones for a glowing tan) and Island-Kyssed (cool brown with violet undertones for a deep exotic tan), considering my base tan and first choice, I was advised to choose Mocha-Kyssed to really enhance my natural skin tone.

Accelerators are there to either balance the skins pH for a deeper darker tan, to see results in less than 2 hours, to help reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress or to hydrate and moisturise skin.

Finally the last ‘myxer’ is scent, to most people, the most important aspect, choose from; fresh, coconut lime, sport or warm vanilla; I chose Warm Vanilla because if I want to smell anything after a tan it’s vanilla, so I can imagine I’m actually sunning it up in warmer climes.

After being well advised and feeling satisfied with my choices, I removed all jewellery, make up and wiped were any deodorant or perfume may be and applied the barrier cream supplied to dry areas (feet, hands, cuticles, elbows and shoulders). I then changed into the ever flattering paper knickers, hair net provided and sticker soles, which you stick to your feet to avoid any tan on your feet for an even more natural look.

Simply press the ‘Get Started’ button and hop into the booth. The system will warm up for you and start speaking to you, instructing you through the super simple two steps (no Mississippi’s needed). Once you have tanned both sides the booth even dries you so you don’t have to worry about feeling wet/sticky or smudging your tan. When you step out, you’re done, tanned, with no sun damage, can get dressed immediately and carry on with your day!

What surprised me most is there is not a glimpse of orange in sight due to break-through technology and an ‘anti-orange’ complex, which also helps avoid streaks and build ups. There is also no false tan smell, thanks to the tan being formulated with D-Odor 200™ which eliminates the self-tan odor and the choice of adding your own scent in, which honestly I didn’t believe but it’s true. Their products are also cruelty, gluten and paraben free as they are formulated with professional-grade ingredients; this also makes them non-comedogenic so they won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

I travelled home via the District Line with no make-up as my skin looked fresh and even and not a worry in the world about smelling like false tan. I was consciously aware of my tan becoming darker as the hours passed and my tan line before bed was goals. When I woke up this morning well, I’ll admit I panicked, I was an unnatural level of dark, however a quick shower resolved all that. Entering the office this morning, I was told I look like I did when I returned from a week in Mexico last summer…! Natural, suited to my skin tone, with a subtle glow; I’m a MysticTan convert!

So if you’re looking for a place that you can feel confident in achieving your desired tan, head to MysticTan which is available in salons nationwide and costs between £15-£20, so perfect pricing for any events coming up or for even just a little pick-me-up!

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