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#CocoBeauty:  7 Beauty and Skincare SOS Products

#CocoBeauty: 7 Beauty and Skincare SOS Products

We are talking all things skincare, haircare, lip care, and tooth care with the following 7 beauty and skincare sos products.

May 7th, 2019

We are talking all things skincare, haircare, lip care, and tooth care with the following 7 beauty and skincare sos products. #TeamCoco like nothing more than working on our beauty regimen; from bathing our skin in the latest creams and serums, to prepping our locks with a nourishing shampoo, and brushing our teeth with an on-trend toothpaste, we have focused on four core elements in the below round-up including: The Body, The Face, The Scalp, and The Mouth.

The Body

Cuticura Dry Skin Cream

With the sudden arrival of sunshine, most of us weren’t ready to expose skin. But what if you’re 1 of the 60% who struggles with dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin?

According to Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jessamy Hibberd; “Body confidence can change in an instant if a physical issue such as problem dry skin takes hold… For some, it might mean covering up in a warm environment, and affect your self-worth.”

Cuticura’s new Mildly Medicated Dry Skin Cream is specifically formulated to provide moisturisation and protection for very dry and sensitive skin. Using renowned skin care ingredients like Zinc Oxide, Hydroviton 24, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Coconut Oil, Cuticura’s Dry Skin Cream will help you feel most beautiful by being most confident about your skin.

Priced at £9.99 (200ml), available from www.superdrug.com

The Face

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin, and when exhaustion sets in your body’s micro-circulation slows so that tiny capillaries responsible for feeding facial muscles and skin cells underperform causing a slack, pale, lifeless complexion.

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 is a nourishing skin tonic that acts like an energy drink for tired skin – instantly recharging and rebooting on contact for a healthier, brighter, well-rested complexion.

A potent ‘shot’ of vitamins B12, B3 and Brown Algae, jolts the skin’s own energy production into high gear, to re-energise, de-puff and bring back a more toned looking complexion.

Centella and Ginseng give skin some much needed pep by increasing micro circulation in capillaries connected to muscles and cells – reinvigorating and making skin look tauter, brighter, rosier and healthier.

These energising ingredients are blended with a naturally moisturising mix of 12 amino acids and two types of hyaluronic acids to replenish the skin’s moisture levels for immediate, visible plumping.

Priced at £25.50 (100ml), available from www.timebombco.com

Lavera Firming Night Cream

Natural beauty brand lavera has reformulated the entire range of skin firming products, and added a powerful combination of new natural ingredients that combat the effects of the ageing process.

lavera’s Firming Range uses the power of natural ingredients and science to enhance collagen production and boost hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, to leave the complexion looking rejuvenated, firmer and more radiant.

The new formulation present in each product of the range has been enriched with the following powerful natural ingredients:
Green Lift Complex, Karanja Oil, Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline and Lecithin

During the night your skin repairs the damage caused during the day and regenerates itself, so it is essential that you use a night cream that supports this essential process. The lavera Firming Night Cream stimulates the collagen synthesis of the skin and encourages regeneration. Furthermore, it is also rich in hyaluronic acid that work in tandem with the karanja oil to provide care and moisture for the skin.

Priced at £23.95 (50ml), available from www.laverauk.co.uk

DAYTOX Vitamin C Serum

We are bending over backwards to use DAYTOX Vitamin C Serum, with its miraculous mix of ingredients: Vitamin C, BioDtox (Aloe Vera, Broccoli, Citrus), and Grapefruit Water.

Mark Earnshaw, Brand Developer & CEO of Fragrance and Beauty Ltd says that using Vitamin C on your skin evens your skin tone; “Uneven pigmentation in the skin can simply be caused by your genetics, as well as environmental factors; stress, a lack of sleep, smoking and ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. To prevent and achieve a more even skin tone, a vitamin c serum can be used to stop the biochemical reactions that can cause uneven pigmentation. To make sure that your complexion is getting all the benefits of a vitamin C serum, ensure that the concentration levels are around 10%. Otherwise Vitamin C can essentially be useless, as if the levels are not high enough it can be unstable in any exposure to light. We would recommend DAYTOX Vitamin C Serum, which has the essential 10% Vitamin C tones, to help rejuvenate the skin, giving it a bright and radiant sheen that you can see straight away.”

Priced at £29, available from www.waitrose.com

The Scalp

Skin Shop Oregon Haircare Pack

Recently reality TV star Kim Kardashian announced that she had woken up with ‘morning psoriasis’, this is where psoriasis suddenly, sometimes overnight, appears on the face.

There can be many reasons why psoriasis suddenly appears on the face, but a common trigger can be skin reactions to chemicals in shampoos that can irritate and weaken the skin around the hairline and trigger a psoriasis outbreak.

Skin Shop’s Oregon shampoo & conditioner are designed to both treat and prevent psoriasis and can be used daily by people prone to psoriasis and can help prevent psoriasis spreading to the scalp and face.

Oregon hair care products contain the plant extract Oregon Grape Root.

A UK trial found that a natural hair and skincare range containing a Oregon Grape Root (OGR), was highly effective in reducing the symptoms associated with the skin condition psoriasis.

The two-month trail, carried out by a UK doctor on 50 people, found that the Oregon treatments improved psoriasis for 86% of the patients, with 75% of these experiencing a marked improvement after just four weeks.

OGR also appeared to be more helpful than standard treatments for almost half the sufferers. Overall, 50% of participants had previously been treated with steroids or Dovonex and, of those, 95% said that after eight weeks the OGR treatment range had improved all psoriasis symptoms.

Dr Vincent Forte, the doctor who carried out the UK trial, comments “I found that OGR is an effective, well-tolerated and very acceptable treatment for psoriasis, with a very low incidence of side-effects. OGR compares favourably with topical steroids and Dovonex and the trial results indicate this is a well-liked treatment that psoriasis sufferers would use again.”

Priced at £13.95 for Oregon Haircare Pack (250ml each), available from www.skinshop.co.uk

The Mouth

Ben & Anna Toothpaste

Organic and natural healthcare brand Ben & Anna have launched a 100%, vegan and cruelty-free toothcare range in glass jars. The range is also free from parabens and microplastics.

Following on from the success of the Ben & Anna paper tube vegan deodorant range – the brand founders were inspired to improve another important aspect of daily life – Dental hygiene. When their own search for healthy, natural and effective dental care in sustainable and recyclable packaging proved fruitless, they began working together with a team of experienced and environmentally-conscious experts, to develop the new dental care series.

The resultant new range, which comes in recyclable glass containers, with metal lids – combines high-quality, natural and organic ingredients such as; sea buckthorn, chamomile, activated charcoal, cinnamon and calcium to give you durable, strong, shiny teeth and healthy gums. The range is also free from any harmful or controversial ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, microplastics, SLS or formaldehydes and is cruelty-free.

Our favourite at #TeamCoco is the Black Toothpaste (with active charcoal), they also produce White Toothpaste, Sensitive Toothpaste, Cinnamon Tooth Powder, and Black Tooth Powder.

Priced from £8.95 – £10.95, available from http://benandanna.uk

Alteya Organics Vanilla & Geranium Lip Balm

Alteya’s Organic Lip Balm Vanilla & Geranium is designed to lock in moisture and help improve lips elasticity and suppleness. Continuous use may be beneficial in repairing and fighting age impacts, while reducing the damaging effect of the environment. The lips appear fuller, younger and more defined.

There are 7 lip balms in the Alteya Organics collection, including: Vanilla & Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, Bulgarian Lavender, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit & Zdravetz, Lavender & Mint, and Sunscreen Rose SPF15.

Priced at £3.60 each and £5.00 for the Sunscreen variation, available from www.lovelula.com

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