#CocoBeauty: British Brand ilapothecary

Launched online in 2018, ilapothecary is a pioneering British brand offering products with purpose, using a cutting-edge synergy of phyto-actives, naturopathy, homeopathy and herbology.

As you know #TeamCoco are always looking for the latest beauty and skincare products from around the world to write about and showcase to you, and we absolutely love it when a home-grown British brand emerges on the scene.

All the ilapothecary products are infused with powerful remedial ingredients to counteract the stresses of modern living, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress and body fatigue. Suitable for all, these products uplift, nourish and balance body and mind.

Formulations include British grown herbs, powerful gemstones, homeopathic ingredients, live stem cells, silk, vitamins, aromatherapy oils and numerology. Founded by Denise Leicester, creator of award-winning skincare and spa brand ila Spa, few other brands work with such profound understanding.

ilapothecary unveiled its first apothecary shop in Kensington in October, providing a wellbeing space where visitors can experience the full range of products, treatments and workshops designed to address the energetic and emotional needs of modern living.

We have put together our dream #TeamCoco collection by ilapothecary and it includes an eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, day cream and lip balm.

See Clearly Eye Makeup Remover, priced at £27 (50ml)

This eye makeup remover instantly cools and refreshes tired, sensitive or dry eyes. Plus it removes all the days’ makeup residue. It contains cucumber oil to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles, and calendula with strong anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and cool the eyes.

Soothing Silk Cleanser, priced at £29 (100ml)

The cleanser by ilapothecary is calming and regenerating with active silk amino acids to nourish, restore skin balance, hydrate and calm the skin. It boasts the addition of vetiver essential oil to nourish and moisturise the skin, preventing tissue degeneration and improving the tone of ageing skin.

Silk Supreme Toner, priced at £27 (100ml)

This cooling toner is rich in amino acids, blue chamomile, witch hazel, and horse chestnut, which are all fantastic for sensitive skin and rosacea. With the inclusion of silk, the toner soothes and regenerates the skin, and by adding witch hazel this removes excess oil from the skin. It cools and helps with skin irritations.

Reset Vitamin A Face Serum, priced at £29 (20ml)

Reset Vitamin A Serum offers the skin instant repair and allows it to rest, recover and restore its balance, moisture and vitality, ideal after travelling, during pregnancy, after illness and for rosacea. Seabuckthorn heals and rejuvenates, while moringa is nourishing and vitamin rich.

Protective Aura Day Cream, priced at £39 (50ml)


The day cream is an alchemical blend of wild indigo, boswellia, copernicia, moringa, and sandalwood. It’s an all round protective, regenerative, nourishing cream to wear throughout the day. High in Vitamin C, which stabilises collagen and helps to reduce fine lines and repair damaged skin.

Express Lip Balm, priced at £15 (15g)

The ilapothecary lip balm leaves a soft sheen on the lip and has a delicate sweet scent, ideal for all day wear. High in nourishing, active ingredients this intensely reparative balm provides ideal hydration, moisture and anti-ageing protection for dry and cracked lips. Filled with murumuru butter, which is rich in omega fatty acids and Vitamins A and C, this lip balm soothes, stimulates, protects and nourishes.

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Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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