#CocoBeauty; Four Ways To Fake It

Events, meetings, dates, parties or holidays, just some of the moments we want to look our best. However being #TeamCoco, we never know when any of these occasions may spring up, so we always try to look our best. However, we all know, that’s not always possible. From broken nails, flat hair, tired eyes, and skin that lacks a glow, below are the best Beauty products to help you fake it. Yet these four saviours look so natural that you’ll even have your family and friends fooled, you’re welcome.

It’s been a few years now and glowing dewy skin is showing no sign of fading from our radar. The easiest way to achieve this is through a good skincare routine and dewy make up, however a little bit of false tan goes along way. If skin is exfoliated and well moisturised, the tiniest bit of false tan can do wonders. It’s best to apply to the areas, you know the sun hits rather than slathering yourself in it. For the face, sweep across the nose and cheek bones, with a little on the temples, eyelids, forehead and chin, then blend lightly down your neck. For the body focus on your forearms, shins and thighs, then later sweep over the knees, chest and any other parts you feel will be on show. #TeamCoco’s favourite false tan brand is St. Tropez as it’s hard to go wrong with any of their products however their Gradual Tan is perfect for naturally faking it. It helps give a golden glow, that you can gradually build up over 3 consecutive days!

You can be in a T, ripped jeans and sneakers but pair them with immaculate hair and you’re saved, alternatively you can be in the most polished outfit and a beach wave or scruffy bun can give you a softer edge. Routes Hair Extensions has a range of extensions available from micro-bonds, clip-ins, nano-tip and weft extensions, there is a hair extension option for everyone. Clip-ins, are a little more versatile, especially for summer months. Routes also offer a free colour match service, so simply email a picture of your hair and voila. For a more natural look, simply clip the bonds into your hanger (provided with all Routes extensions) and ensure the hanger is secured, so you are able to pull on the hair. Twist the hair, then trim the ends little by little until you receive your desired length. The quality of Routes extensions, makes it difficult to differentiate them from your own hair, they style well and hold a curl. So whether your hair has dropped throughout the day before a date, you want a long boho plait on holiday or a sleek pony tail for an event, just simply pop to the bathroom and clip-in your extensions to give your hair a new lease of life.


Who doesn’t love long luscious lashes? Our fake it tip for lashes is of course, false lashes. Lashes make your eyes look darker or give you a smouldering look, depending on the style you choose, luckily Huda Beauty has a variety to choose from. So whether you’re smoking your eyes up for a night our or foregoing make up on holiday, Huda’s lashes will be your saving grace. For fail free lash application, measure them against your own lash line, if they are too big for the frame of your eye, then trim off the thicker and longer side of the lashes for a more natural look. Then pop the glue on and leave for a while, the sticker the better and apply to the middle of your lashes to secure, then fix the inner and outer lashes in place. Press onto the tips of the lashes to secure them further into your lash line. For everyday #TeamCoco love the ‘Audrey’ lashes  designed to reflect the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn these lashes are delicate, elegant and sophisticated. With medium length and volume they are perfect for all occasions.

Last but not least is of course, nails. Acrylics are your best bet but if they’re not your thing then KISS false nails are your best option. The Gel-Fanatsy Nails are ready to wear and are a quick fix to broken nails.  #TeamCoco’s favourite are the Ribbons set which are a perfectly polished manicure in a natural pink/peach shade that come in a natural shape. Once you have sized the nails up to match your natural nails, apply the adhesive to the nail and place on to your own nail. It’s best to have a cotton bud at hand to remove any excess. Once you have applied all the nails, file them into your desired shape. For a more natural look, keep nails short and a little rounded on the edges.

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