So #TeamCoco are constantly racking up our air miles, which means we’re becoming pretty pro at flying. Flights are sort of second nature to us now. Gone are the days where we would board and realise something we needed was in our case rather than our and luggage. We have the essentials in our hand luggage, liquids separated in plastic bag, flight socks, ear plugs and face masks all tucked away in our holdalls. When it comes to in-flight routines, everyone differs, yet one thing we highly recommend is having an in-flight beauty routine.

Cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, moisturise, lip balm; the lot. As no-one likes to arrive looking bedraggled, dehydrated and sleep deprived, plus, if you look good/put together, you’ll feel it right?

Below are a few of the #TeamCoco holy grails for in-flight beauty. Yes, you may take up sometime in the toilet but if you’re on a long-haul flight, you and your skin are worth it. More often than not, we’ve commenced our beauty routine at our seats, water and cotton wool pads at the ready, there really is no excuse! Please also note that we are so over what people think at this stage, you may look insane on the flight but when you arrive at your destination you’ll look radiant; worth it.

Cleanser – Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser £15

Some people like to rock up to the airport sans make-up, some like to turn up contoured to the max, whatever your preference we recommend Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser. When applied to damp skin, this literally dissolves make-up and grime. It has five skin conditioners but is also tough on impurities, leaving skin super clean and soft.

Exfoliator – Fresh Sugar Facial Scrub £52

This is a must-have and not just for flights, most exfoliators now are enzyme or chemical but this pot of goodness from Fresh is made with brown sugar which seals in moisture whilst buffing away dry and dull skin. The scrub also has plum seed oil, grapeseed oil and wild strawberries, is packed with vitamin C, helping to brighten, hydrate and soothe the skin too.

Mask – Charlotte Tilbury; Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask; £60 pack of 4

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape Charlotte Tilbury hype and these masks are no exception. This mess free, completely dry face mask has become a staple in my beauty collection. It hooks over your ears to keep it in place, I often pop the mask on with my sleep mask over and have a nap or listen to some music with it on. The only downside is you do sort of look like something from a horror film with it on so be sure to warn the people in the seats next to you before use. The active ingredients in the masks reduce wrinkles, smooths, brightens, lifts and hydrates for immediate results. Oh and one last bonus, each mask comes in a re-sealable pack and can be re-used up to three times,

Mist – Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Facial Mist; £50

This mist was inspired by the Queen of Hungary water, the worlds’ first recorded perfume formulated in the 14thcentury. The scent of this neroli and rose scented mist is enough to refresh your senses and just a few spritz’s over your face is the perfect pick me up as it’s both purifying and hydrating.

Lips – Dior Lip Glow; £26

Another addiction I have, mainly thanks to duty free, is Dior’s Lip Glow. I now forgo lipstick and lip gloss and totally rely on this little lip balm to keep my lips hydrated with a pop of colour. The lip balm is available in a variety of shades that go on quite subtly but then adjust to your lips before releasing its colour to match. Sounds like a marketing ploy but seriously for me, the lilac goes on very sheer and within about 10 minutes is a beautiful lilac/pink that keeps my lips moisiturised and tinted for hours. It has an SPF of 10 and the formula has wild mango and luffa cylindrica to protect and moisiturise lips. Meaning your lips won’t be all dry and cracked when you land, they will feel hydrated and look as though you’ve got gloss on minus the sticky texture.

Hands & Feet – Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream £15 & Samba Foot Cream; £20

After the launch of its Bum Bum Cream (pronounced Boom Boom) this Brazilian brand launched both a hand and foot cream and we are so happy about it. The hand cream conditions and strengthens nails; perfect for after using the drying soaps often used by airlines. The foot cream comes with a little surfboard which helps get rid of any dry skin, please don’t be that weird person and refrain from using that on the flight, just use the cream before your flight socks go on! Both are enriched with Cupuaca butter, Acai, coconut oil and Brazil nuts so will leave your hands and feet soft and beach ready. They also both have the brands signature pistachio and salted caramel scent, which smells like holiday.

Serum– MZ Skin Lift & Lustre; £210

Whether you choose to apply this mid-flight after your routine or as you land, this antioxidant serum formulated by Dr Maryam Zamani is a golden elixir that leaves skin radiant. The rich formula deeply hydrates and adds a soft focus luminosity to the skin, meaning you can go without make up and let skin breathe. If you don’t feel okay enough to go sans make up, then your concealer and foundation can be applied over the serum and you can even add a few more drops of Lift & Lustre over your make-up. Just dab onto the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone to lock in moisture, give a subtle highlight and embrace glowing skin as you land.

Voila! In-flight beauty regime complete, just ensure you also take up flight attendants on any offer of water and buy one in duty free to take onboard to keep hydrated within. You and your skin should feel revived no matter how long your flight!

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