Here at House of Coco, you can typically find us on the move and sometimes it does feel like we are spending so much time on a plane, it feels that we have joined the team of the hardworking flight attendants! Whilst all this travelling to far-flung places is incredibly exciting, it can play havoc on our beauty routine (hello dry skin and puffy legs!) What’s a girl or guy to do?!

Step in former Telegraph Beauty Editor and founder of Legology, Kate Shapland. It is fair to say that no-one in the beauty world knows legs better than Kate who launched her range of leg care beauty products back in 2013. Having tried almost every product under the sun, Kate wanted to create a high- performance leg care solution that specifically targeted cellulite, diffuse heaviness and tightness, and tone and hydrate the skin. Enter Legology.

The staple product from the Legology range is the Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs which is ideal for frequent travellers as it lightens heavy legs by relieving that nasty fluid retention that can make your legs feel puffy and tired.

Having tried this after a recent journey, I can attest that my legs did feel lighter after applying this in upward circular motions which is aided by its clever cooling ‘Thermo-Lite sensation.

The Air Lite Daily Lift promotes lipolytic drainage and circulation-stimulating benefits that are continuously working after you have applied them. Its pioneering properties contains Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract to reduce puffiness and caffeine to boost circulation.

It also has toning and tightening properties which are very much welcomed if you have less than perfect pins! You don’t have to be a frequent travellers to take advantage of this, this can be equally useful for anyone who is on their feet all day too.

For me, the delicious scent of this product is the cherry on the cake, quite often a product can be amazing, but falls short in terms of packaging and scent. For Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs, thankfully this isn’t true. Every thought has been considered, the citrus scent ‘Capri Crush’ takes you to an Italian lemon grove in summer and the packaging is modern and chic.

Within the Legology range, you can find other complementary products such as EXFO-LITE which is a high-performance scrub that delivers both on keeping your legs contoured and silky smooth. It fuses an exfoliating classic, sea salt with Himalayan pink crystals which acts as a diuretic with a touch of Amalfi lemon peel for a gorgeous uplifting scent.

I have got my eyes (and legs) on the Sun-Lite Sheer Lingerie for Legs which will hopefully encourage me to get my legs out before the summer is over. It’s a cooling tinted cream with just a hint of pearl to add a subtle touch of shimmer which is great for fair-skinned ladies like me. Kate herself as described this product as ‘invisible tights’, ideal for those days when you want to go bare-legged but need a touch of colour.

Kate went from working as an award-winning journalist to her own boss and is heavily involved in all aspects of the brand, from the formulation of the products through to the packaging. The hero product Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs was so popular upon launch, it sold out within one month at Liberty.

Legology have launched an exclusive package for Summer 2017 called ‘The Killer Legs Kit’ which is a handy curation of all of the most popular products, which is ideal for taking on holiday or to check out the products for yourself.

If you are looking to for some ‘Lite’ relief, look no further than Legology! Either buy directly from or from Space NK, Liberty London or


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