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#CocoBeauty: New Beauty Launches

We are always happy to hear of gorgeous new beauty products launching from across the globe, and this late autumn sees some truly lust worthy skincare, haircare, nail care and

We are always happy to hear of gorgeous new beauty products launching from across the globe, and this late autumn sees some truly lust worthy skincare, haircare, nail care and scents making an appearance just in time for winter.

The girls of #TeamCoco are all for trying new products, so when we found out about these latest releases we were on it quicker than you could possibly imagine.

We have included one product by South Korean super skincare brand J.ONE, a haircare product by Australia’s MUK Haircare, Denmark’s natural cosmetic brand Lavera’s new lip balm, a nail colour by Latin named Benecos, and the most beautiful scent by renowned British watch brand SEKSY who have launched SEKSY Beauty.

J.ONE Jelly Cream, 30ml, £32, Boots stores and Boots online

Launched in late October this game-changer of a firming and hydrating face cream is one of South Korea’s highest selling ultra lightweight, anti-ageing beauty products which sells four units every minute! It delivers short and long term skin brightening, plumping and softening benefits.

The J.ONE Jelly Cream boasts a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient, fullerene that oxygenates and delivers visible lift and plumpness to the skin to protect against free radicals.

MUK Haircare Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier, 200ml, £11.75, MUK salons or via mukme online

Helping to define and accentuate natural and bouncy curls, the Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier is designed to provide intense moisture in order to eliminate frizz. The product needs to be applied to freshly shampooed hair after any excess moisture has been removed and the hair should be allowed to air dry or dry with a diffuser.

Curls should feel and look healthier, brighter, and more amplified.

Lavera SOS Help Lip Balm, 8ml, £5.95, Whole Food Stores or online via Lavera UK.

Packed full of hydrating, soothing and caring natural and organic ingredients, the Lavera SOS Help Lip Balm provides instant relief, nourishes lips to seal in moisture and protects them from the winter wind and cold.

The gel formula of this lip balm is enriched with organic shea butter, and jojoba to keep lips moisturised and smooth. Lavera products have never been tested on animals and do not contain parabens, SLS, phthalates, parraffinium or petrochemicals.

Benecos Rock It Nail Colour, 5ml, £4.95, Whole Food Stores and via Benecos online.

This quaint party season new polish is not only the perfect medium grey with a hint of warm mauve colour for winter, but it is also kind to the environment.

All benecos nail varnishes are cruelty-free, vegan, up to 90% natural and free from the following 8 harsh ingredients: toluene, camphor, colophony, Phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens, silicones and halo-organic compounds. Rock It by benecos has also been formulated with added biotin and avocado oil to strengthen and nourish the nail.

SEKSY Beauty Elegance Scent, 50ml, £35, Seksy Beauty online.

The globally successful brand SEKSY has launched a new fragrance range. Prism Parfums, the force behind SEKSY Beauty and Time Products (UK) ltd, creators of SEKSY wristwear by Sekonda have collaborated with Swarovski to encapsulate three signature fragrances.

We are all over SEKSY Elegance, which is an elegant exotic oriental for those who have a sophisticated taste. A stunning floral bouquet of bergamot, mandarin, and champacca leaves lead to a heart of jasmine, rose, sweet pea, violet and sugared orchid. Amaranth wood, blackberry musk and plum add richness and complexity to this subtle scent.

Each fragrance bottle is embellished with Swarovski® crystals to add more sparkle to the already lavishly designed 12-sided bottle, bringing both beauty and style to this delicious scent.