The latest beauty trend is to seriously up your game when it comes to looking after your poonani!

We’ve all heard of vajazzling, having a Brazilian, and the landing strip – but have you ever thought of having a non-surgical treatment down below, or perhaps fully invasive surgery? Do you look after your intimate area by using specially designed feminine hygiene products, do you take aftercare seriously when it comes to your bikini line, or are you thinking of laser hair removal?

Many celebs are talking about all these beauty additions to their regime at the moment, and Team Coco are eager to find out more – well perhaps not all the details about full on major labia surgery, but there’s always the possibility that we may need a little subtle pampering down below before a US vacay, weekend in Europe, or heading to a festival. ☺

Let’s start by mentioning a few gorgeous new skincare products that have hit the beauty market by storm recently.

An exclusive skincare collection sold at Harvey Nichols in the UK has reached new heights for women everywhere, The Perfect V. This stunning range is designed to create a totally new category in women’s luxury skincare that targets the delicate bikini area, otherwise known as the ‘V’.

The brainchild of Avonda Urben, an entrepreneur, beauty brand specialist and New York native who currently resides on the outskirts of Copenhagen with her family. This visionary, first of its kind product line was inspired by her experience on both continents. American super polish meets Scandinavian effortless freedom; a compelling combination that created something relevant and definitely overdue.

The Perfect V pushes boundaries, empowering and encouraging women to feel beautiful all over. The multi-tasking luxury skincare is formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the bikini area taking inspiration from the carefree confidence that embodies Scandinavian women.

Channelling the clean and pure Scandinavian design aesthetic and colour palette, The Perfect V™ is a beautifully packaged collection of 8 products – The Essentials: VV Cream (£41), Wash (£19), Exfoliator (£31) and Beauty Sheets (£2.50 each), and The Specialties: VV Cream Intensive (£43), VV Serum (£49), VV Beauty Mist (£25) and Shades of V Luminizer (£50). The collection is made using Scandinavian-sourced ingredients including Arctic Cloudberry, Rose Hips and Sea Buckthorn. All products are dermatologically tested and fragrance, SLS and paraben free.

Available from Harvey Nichols stores UK wide and online from Harvey Nichols.

FAIR SQUARED, the certified Fair Trade and natural personal care brand – is expanding its range to create the first ever Fair Trade ‘intimate care’ collection with 4 new, naturally pH-balanced products, including: an intimate wash, exfoliator, deodorant cream, and spray.

The newly expanded Fair Trade feminine care and shave collection is not only perfectly timed for summer and the festival season; but is also pH-balanced to help avoid personal health issues such as BV (bacterial vaginosis) and Candida – that many women can suffer from when using perfumed products on sensitive intimate areas.

The ‘intimate care’ range, which is accredited by the natural and organic cosmetic organisation NATRUE, The Vegan Society, PeTA and HALAL certified, includes:

Intimate Wash (Apricot) 100ml – £8.95 – This washing lotion maintains and protects the natural pH balance of the skin in the genital area. Suitable for sensitive skin and helps prevent skin irritations, leaving it soft and supple. Intimate Peeling Exfoliator 150ml – £11.95 – Exfoliating before shaving the genital area is an important preparatory step as it opens the pores around in-grown hairs and thus helps prevent razor nicks. Intimate Deodorant Cream (Apricot) 30ml – £11.95 – This rich cream deodorises and nourishes the sensitive skin in the genital area, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth and matches the natural pH balance of the skin. Intimate After Shave Spray 50ml – £22.95 – This After Shave Spray soothes and nourishes the skin and helps guard against irritation and rashes, without affecting the natural pH balance of the female genital area.

Available from independent health stores UK wide, and online directly from Fair Squared.

If you’re interested in looking for either non-surgical treatments or surgical treatments for the very sensitive lady area, we would suggest visiting RealSelf – a website dedicated to all things cosmetic and skincare related.

RealSelf is the largest online destination to get yourself up to speed and informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find the right doctor for you. They work with a vast network of board certified experts including; dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, and more to provide insight into specific topics and treatments.

More than 10 million people visit RealSelf each month (OMG 10 million people per month) to find out which treatments and providers live up to their promise of being ‘Worth It’.

The website has a number of vaginal rejuvenation pages to access, and to research including;

diVa vaginal therapy, which has a 98% ‘Worth It’ rating on the RealSelf website.
Ultra Femme 360, which has a staggering 100% ‘Worth It’ rating on the RealSelf website.
ThermiVa, which has a 90% ‘Worth It’ rating on the RealSelf website.

Search online for RealSelf, RealSelf reviews or RealSelf treatments and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Team Coco are now heading off into the sunset with a very on trend lady garden, we hope you are too!

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