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Snuck away in the depths of a colourful Soho is the truly unpretentious Salon64. Located on Bateman Street amidst all the bars, cafes, sex shops, adult theatres, and restaurants is this gem of a salon; it’s simply not a salon as you know it.

There are few places that you can say are unique these days, someone has usually thought of the idea first, but not with Salon64. Super celeb hair stylist Ricky Walters is an enigma of greatness, and his salon is about to give the world of traditional hair salons a serious shake up.

Our House of Coco rep and #TeamCoco writer Rachel McAlley walked through the door of Salon64 expecting to find a standard hairdressing salon with an array of stylists blow drying and chatting about holidays, but what she found was entirely different to her usual haunts.

In Rachel’s words….

I saunted into Salon64 where I was greeted by a smile and the offer of a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I went for a hot chocolate (opted for milk chocolate as was offered three varieties) and instantly noticed that I was stood in a bar style coffee shop and not a hair salon, there were people in the window enjoying cups of coffee and sat at the bar charging their phones while discussing the latest hair trends. I soon cottoned on that it was London Coffee Week and Salon64 were one of the supporting cafes in the city. So, it was not only a salon but a super cool café too.

I joined a couple of people in the window while I waited tentatively to have my hair done by Ricky Walters, owner of the salon and stylist to the stars. He nipped over to say Hi, we had a brief chat, and then left me to enjoy my hot choc and watch the world go by.

Ricky Walters, Owner and Creative Director at Salon64 came bounding over, properly introduced himself and then took me on a tour of his stunning salon. On the ground floor the bar was stacked with gorgeous bags of own brand Salon 64 coffee, there were people milling around making hot drinks, staff members taking bookings, and guests relaxing at the bar. Ricky informed me that the salon had just been granted a license to sell alcohol, so they were expecting to see a new after work crowd of revelers.

Towards the back of the salon there seemed to be lots of tables around a central fire, but upon closer inspection all these tables turned into private beauty and hair stations. The tabletops lifted to reveal huge personal mirrors, hairdressing equipment, drinks holders, makeup sections, individual lighting, and best of all charging stations for mobiles and tablets. This was a hairdressing salon that was seriously designed as a contemporary place to hang out, and it was lit!

Hidden behind walls and secret doors were the salon hair wash rooms and areas to create bespoke hair colours, all interlinked so that that customer can be part of the backroom experience and see their hair colour being prepared. What a novel idea.

Downstairs was the location for more hidden salon tables, with plenty of customers enjoying their hair being taken care of by other stylists.  As well as the downstairs hidden rooms there is even a changing room with shower and lockers for any customer who wishes to get changed after work and enjoy a drink in the salon. This is a win win situation for customers who finish work and need to get changed for the night ahead, plus Salon 64 offer a service where the customer can leave their work clothes in a locker and collect at a later date. How god damn cool is that!

I returned back to the ground floor via some urban wall art, and was whisked off to have my hair washed by one of the team before Ricky worked his magic and made my hair look flowing and beautiful with a simple (but very luxurious) blow dry. I also managed to touch up my makeup at the station, charge my phone, and experience the ambiance of Salon 64 all in one afternoon of pure loveliness. And, at no point did I feel the need to leave; it was such a chilled vibe that I could have easily stayed an extra hour or longer.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best salons in London, with a totally unique take on a traditional hairdressing salon, then Salon64 in Soho is definitely for you. Nip in for a coffee, enjoy a glass of something fabulous, spend time with Ricky Walters and get your hair done, touch-up your makeup, get ready for a night out in London, or simply call in to see what the hype is about – you won’t regret it, I didn’t!

Thanks to the highly unique Salon64 – the industry as a whole may just need to up its game, especially with Ricky Walters on the scene.

Salon64, 1 Bateman Street, Soho, London, W1D 3AG

Rachel McAlley

Rachel is currently a UK travel writer and beauty writer for House of Coco, she spends most of the week locked away in her country garden studio watching the world whizz by, and most of the weekend whizzing around the UK!

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