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  • #CocoCars : From Glencoe to Cannes: Road trip inspiration fit for the Big Screen
#CocoCars : From Glencoe to Cannes: Road trip inspiration fit for the Big Screen

#CocoCars : From Glencoe to Cannes: Road trip inspiration fit for the Big Screen

Many classic movies are best-known for their iconic cars and cinematic locations – from James Bond’s Aston Martin winding through the Scottish Highlands in Skyfall to the Lamborghini cruising

June 24th, 2019

Many classic movies are best-known for their iconic cars and cinematic locations – from James Bond’s Aston Martin winding through the Scottish Highlands in Skyfall to the Lamborghini cruising the Alps in the opening scene of the Italian Job. There’s no better way to appreciate the natural landscapes that Europe has to offer than with a road trip. Getting behind the wheel of the right car for the right roads can enhance any getaway experience. Luxury car hire service Driverso has matched road trip routes and cars inspired by some of the most iconic film locations in Europe. Skyfall / Harry Potter – Scotland (Glen Etive) The valleys featured in Skyfall are so beautiful, the journey is quite literally the destination. This memorable scene with Bond and M takes place in Glen Etive, a long valley in the Glencoe National Trust. This scenic, unnamed road along the River Etive ends by the very picturesque Loch Etive around 40 minutes drive from the A82. Bond fan or not, this is a wonderful route to take in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Driverso recommends Route:Glasgow to Glencoe Pick up your car from Glasgow airport and head up the A82 towards Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. The park has four conveniently located viewpoints situated by the roads so drivers can stop to enjoy the stunning landscapes. Once you’ve explored the National Park return to the A82 and head north through the Glen Coe Valley. As you approach the road for Glen Etive you’ll see Buachaille Etive Mor, the most photographed mountain in Scotland. Enjoy the 20-40 minute drive along the River Etive as featured in Skyfall, ending at Loch Etive. Return to the A82 and continue heading north. Take a quick pit stop by The Meeting of the Three Waters, which is three waterfalls cascading into one, before reaching your final destination in Glencoe. Glencoe is well known for featuring in both James Bond’s Skyfall and several Harry Potter movies. The deep valley and towering mountains make this route one to add to the road trip bucket list. Car:It looks great in the movie, but an Aston Martin is not so well suited for these gravelly, Highland roads. Get behind the wheel of aLand Rover Discovery SportSUV. The Italian Job / Goldfinger – The Alps

The breath-taking views of the Alps featured in the opening scene of The Italian Job showcase why Italy is one of Driverso’s most popular road trip destinations. Beckermann drives a Lamborghini Miura through the mountains surrounding the Great St Bernard Pass in Aosta. Driverso recommends Route:Turin to Milan, via Switzerland… As Aosta borders both France and Switzerland, recreating this iconic opening scene offers many thrilling road trip options. Starting in Turin, head north along the A5 to Aosta Valley where you can enjoy the surrounding snow-capped peaks from the Great St Bernard Pass. This route is favoured for being the lowest pass on the ridge between the two highest mountains of the Alps, Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. It also connects you with the Martigny in Switzerland and is one of the highest Swiss road passes offering fantastic views of the Alps from 8,100 ft high. From Andermatt to Gletsch you’ll get to experience the Furka Pass, the stunning location of one of James Bond’s famous car chases in Goldfinger. Head back south to Italy to enjoy the dramatic scenery at Lake Como, set against the foothills of the Alps. There are many ski resorts along the route for an overnight stay. Car: On these smooth roads with their twists and turns through the Alps Driverso recommends a modern recreation of The Italian Job with the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder convertible. Game of Thrones – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has been used as a filming location for multiple scenes in HBO’s Game of Thrones and has since become a popular tourist magnet. This mesmerising drive takes you past several iconic locations used as Westeros’ North, from the Riverlands to Winterfell. Driverso recommends Route:Ballintoy Beach to Tollymore Forest Park, via Bregagh Road. From Belfast International Airport, head north on the scenic Antrim road. An hour’s drive will see you reach the coast by the small village of Ballintoy, home to the iconic “Iron Islands’” with Theon and Yara Greyjoy. These winding roads will take you cruising past a charming array of shops and churches as you go. Turning towards the south, countryside roads take you to Bregagh Road, the compelling landscape used as the “Kingsroad”. The road itself is pedestrianised but for a pitstop and photo opportunity of the glorious beech trees, park your car at the Hedges Hotel. Continuing your journey south, a quick trip through the towns of Glengormley, Dunmurry and Saintfield will take you to more rolling-green views on Ballydugan Road – the gateway to Inch Abbey (the Riverlands). Next up, move east on the Strangford Road, past the Quoile River and parking up on a high at one of the show’s most iconic locations of them all, Castle Ward AKA: Winterfell.
Car: For a car that can handle the winding roads and the national park terrain : Lamborghini Urus. Mr Bean’s Holiday / Cote d’Azur (France)

Mr Bean’s Holiday sees Rowan Atkinson trekking across Europe by foot, bike, scooter and car. The majority of filming locations are the lush landscapes of France, including Vaucluse, Marseille, Aveyron, and Cannes. Reportedly, the filmmakers wanted to portray a different side to the country that would change audience’s stereotypical perceptions of the country – focusing on old villages set upon perfect landscapes. Driverso recommends: Route: Toulouse to Cannes Although Mr Bean’s exact route from London to Cannes is nonsensical, many of the countryside and coastal towns make for a stunning road trip along the South of France. Starting in Toulouse, head to the historic Aveyron region, known for its medieval ruins and many beautiful castles and monasteries. Here you’ll find the world’s tallest bridge, the Millau viaduct, across the gorge valley. Head to Montpellier where you can take a pit stop to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in France. Pass through The Camargue Regional Nature Park for vast, unique landscapes of rice fields, salt marshes, lakes and pink flamingos on the way to Marseille. This multicultural port city is worth a stop at for its new museums and exquisite food and drink. Driversorecommends taking the coastal highway from Marseille to fully enjoy the beautiful and glamourous views of the Mediterranean coast in the French Riviera. Ending in Cannes, home to the world’s most famous film festival and featured in many iconic movies including To Catch a Thief, French Kiss, Ronin and Femme Fatale. Car: A Mr Bean-inspired Mini Cooper Cabrio or a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Cabrioto match the glitz and glamour of Cannes Film Festival. Driverso offers instant online booking for the largest collection of luxury cars across the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and more. With more than 400 models and providing the highest standards of qualified, luxury cars and personalised customer service, Driverso creates an unparalleled car hire experience from start to finish. Driverso takes the hassle out of planning your next road trip including offering door-to-door delivery and drop-off to any location along your route. For availability and prices or to book a car online, visit: www.driverso.com

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