If you are looking for some vegan and veggie nibbles or starters this Christmas there are so many to choose from, and many can be found at your local supermarket or your local independent deli, from tasty nibbles and treats to some rather delish starters for everyone to enjoy.

You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to tuck-into a few pre-dinner canapés do you! We all love a good selection of crudités and we’re totally into tortilla chips and various dips. So, why not try some exciting alternatives to your usual go-to nibbles and include an array of veggie delicacies.

We’re talking about the UK’s leading vegan and vegetarian brand, Cauldron Foods and all that they have to offer this festive season. From their famous sausages to the mighty tofu and everything in between, they really do have some fabulous nibbles to get your teeth into.

How about a few veggie pigs in blankets for a tasty nibble? Use Cauldron Foods Lincolnshire sausages.

Would you like a few veggie sausage rolls for pre-dinner canapés? Use Cauldron Foods Cumberland sausages.

Maybe you’d like a platter of tofu tartlets on the dinner table as a starter? Use Cauldron Foods organic tofu.

Include these falafel parcels as a starter on Christmas day and they’ll be sure to go down a treat. Use Cauldron Foods Middle Eastern Falafels.

A recent Christmas food survey was taken with a number of vegans and vegetarians across the UK by Cauldron Foods, and it was voted that Veggie Wellington (25%) was the best and most preferred Christmas Meal. 1000 people voted in total, and coming in at second place the famous Vegan Nut Roast received just 23% of votes and the ever-popular Veggie Pigs in Blankets attained a rather respectable 20% of the vote.

Search online for Cauldron Foods for all above mentioned recipes.


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