#TeamCoco are no stranger to a launch, especially if there’s cocktails and dancing involved. With the famous London bar chain Dirty Martini now making it’s way up the country to join us Northerners in Yorkshire, we sent our Nightlife connoisseur Jenna to check out the new addition to the Leeds circuit….

“If you’ve read any of my pieces before, you’ll know I like to live quite a boujee life when I get the opportunity. From Champagne bars to exclusive London clubs, i’ve seen my fair share of launches and sipped on far too many Cocktails for my own good. I just never seem to get bored of a brand new bar opening, especially if it’s really good.

Walking into Dirty Martini with a very generous supply of drinks tokens the atmosphere was prettyyyyy impressive. Not only was the bar full of beautiful people, the music was good and the venue itself is incredibly slick. With a spiral staircase joining the two unique levels of this once desolate venue (originally Atlas, then ‘Atlas Brauhaus’ snore) it was so good to see some life injected back into the building. I wouldn’t say the decor is typical of Leeds as it’s very plush with a mix of fabrics and back lit artwork, but it’s not intimidating either. There seems to be a new trend in the city now with the likes of Dakota Deluxe and Neighbourhood taking venues to the next level. Not only are they nice, they are London Nice – which trust me is a completely different thing. I will say that Dirty Martini is not only sexy, it SCREAMS fun. Which as said before, is a total change after their tired 31 King St predecessors.

Gazing over their gorgeous new menu which was embellished with my favourite duo black & gold, I was taken aback by how much Dirty Martini wants you to have an amazing time, but not rinse your credit card in the process. Not only do they host a daily happy hour with unreal deals such as half price Martinis & £20 bottles of fizz, literally all the drinks are reasonable. Alongside this they are all far more eclectic than you’ll find at well known Cocktail Bar chains, but they’re really not scrimping on the quality. Ordering two dry Vodka Martini’s with a lemon twist, upgrading to Grey Goose from Ketel One was not a problem. Thankfully the price didn’t skyrocket like it does at usual bars, which is pretty nice. Taking a sip, my guests for the evening said that they didn’t expect the Martini to be SO good and they’ve drank them all over the world – result.

Although their drinks list boasts the likes of a Dragonfruit & Pomegranate Martini alongside a whole page dedicated to Bottle Service, they’re not trying to be something they’re not. Visiting Dirty Martini is like going to see your friend who worked hard and is now enjoying the fruits of their labour, not a new money WAG like some shiny new bars. Their drinks are based on taste and presentation, no dry-ice or Masterchef gimmicks in sight. The only thing I will say is I was slightly disappointed to see Slingsby on their shelves and in their Leeds Cocktail the White Rose Martini. This is purely as that stuff is now being made into ‘Gin Cream’ in Morrisons for Christmas – which is surely a crime against Gin, never-mind the fact that it’s not even distilled in Yorkshire, eek.

Aside from that slight pitfall, the venue is pretty much perfect. The late night food offering paired with great music and even Live Sax, it’s now firmly secured on my weekend hit-list. With regional premium chains such as Neighbourhood, Dakota & Tattu all opening this year, they had a tough act to follow. But not only have Dirty Martini stood up to the competition, they’ve shaken them up in a Boston Tin and given them something to be scared about. See you Friday Dirty Martini, mines a Caipirinha.”

Dirty Martini – 31 King St,
Leeds, LS1 2HL

01134 689 488

Reservations: leeds@dirtymartini.uk.com

More info here: https://dirtymartini.uk.com/bars/leeds/


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