Picture the scene:

You’ve both been bending the nine to five rules lately and whilst you know you shouldn’t work late, you get your best work done once everyone else has gone home.

By the time the weekend arrives all you want to do is hang out on your own and make the most of the solitude.

The next weekend it’s a birthday night out and the weekend after there’s that hen do.

When you finally get a weekend together, you don’t want to stay in, you’ve done enough of that. And you don’t want to go out because your blood is now part champagne and part tequila.

This is your excuse to instigate night away together for dinner, drinks, and fooling around in the pool!

Get away from literally everything at Doubletree by Hilton Forest Pines Spa and Golf Resort.

If you’ve stayed in a Doubletree by Hilton before, I know exactly what you’re thinking about right now… the warm cookies upon check-in. If you haven’t, it’s a highlight.

During our overnight stay here, we conquered all of the greats- We enjoyed a sunset dip in the pool (indoors but you get the vibe from the almost-full-length windows), spent far too long in the hot tub, contemplated using the premium gym equipment (but didn’t because, just… no), got envious over each others meals, and enjoyed a Malbec on the sofa in the bar.

Forest Pines, as the name would suggest, is surrounded by acres of lush green land, and although it’s right off the main road (perfect for your journey), you really feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, exactly where you want to be for quality time with your beau.

If you both live up North, it’s worth a drive to meet each other there. Grab your warm cookies and your room cards, and head straight for a ‘catch-up’. Enjoy the really well thought out menu where every dish is created with quality and flavour as a high priority, get cosy in the bar, catch up some more in your room, then giggle about it all in the spa the next day.

We’ll definitely be returning, the prices are ridiculously reasonable for a spa night at around £265 for you both. That includes dinner and breakfast, a fifty-minute spa treatment and access to all of the facilities.

Did someone say last-minute Valentine’s getaway?!

Doubletree by Hilton Forest Pines Spa and Golf Resort.

Ermine Street, Broughton,

DN20 0AQ

TEL: +44-01652-650770


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