You may or may not have heard about the Northern brand Lixir Tonic, it’s a supa-dupa tonic that has been produced to sit perfectly with gin, vodka, whisky or any mixer-friendly liquor, and #TeamCoco have five reasons to love all the Lixir Tonic fabulous flavours.

Reason Number 1

Rhubarb & Ginger – hello, this simply sounds like heaven. We’ve heard on the grapevine that it’s perfect to spice up a glass of rum.

Reason Number 2

Elderflower & Lemon – how glorious, this refreshing mixer is ideal to lengthen an ice-cold glass of white wine, making a crisp spritzer.

Reason Number 3

Blood Orange & Cinnamon – we’re about to enter mouth drool territory! If you are a quality bourbon drinker then this will tantalise your taste buds.

Reason Number 4

Classic Indian – a tonic that provides less quinine than normal tonics, which means that if you are a gin fan, this will fulfil your every desire. It allows gin botanicals to sing!

Reason Number 5

Refreshingly Light – a staple for those in #TeamCoco trying to keep sugar intake down. The blend of citrus fruits offers a light and clean flavour (and less sugar), perfect for anyone looking for a lower calorie option.

Lixir is the brainchild of Newcastle entrepreneurs and bartenders Jordan Palmer and Matt Mahatme. The five naturally flavoured tonics are designed to be paired with a range of drinks, not just the classic G&T.

Variety has always been at the heart of the Lixir brand, with the founders’ core ambition being to champion the versatility of tonic water. Whether spicing up a drink, pairing one or even lengthening a glass, the range is designed to encourage people to rethink the ‘classic’ serve of tonic with gin. However, G&T loyalists will also love some of the tonics.

With no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or added preservatives, Lixir’s tonics can also be enjoyed solo over ice with fresh garnish – offering the ultimate soft drink alternative to a G&T for those reducing their alcohol consumption, or for those who are teetotal.

Priced at £1.30 each, available online from Gin Kiosk.


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