With an Asian and Italian heritage, a smooth recipe that took more than three years to develop and the inspiration that arose from Venetian masked balls, Cadello is released in the UK. A brand unlike any other that you have seen before, its premium spirit claims to define a category of its own, and we at House of Coco can’t wait to see it on a drinks menu around the UK’s top bars and restaurants.

Cadello serves up a spirit as magnificent as the wealthy merchants of Venice and masked balls that came to be the inspiration behind this brand. Providing a distinct and singular experience, this spirit is crafted with eight carefully selected ingredients, which unveil flavours of coffee, chocolate, star anise and vanilla, with hints of caramel, hazelnut, mint and toffee. The ingredients are infused in grain alcohol and then distilled separately, before being carefully blended into French Oak barrels with coffee beans, to age into a spirit that encapsulates the perfect depth, complexity and smoothness.

Cadello is perfectly smooth and can be simply enjoyed on its own to allow a full sensory experience of the flavours mentioned above. A spirit that is pleasing at any time of the day, Cadello works well as an aperitivo, digestivo and a delicious addition to any cocktail. Fashioned by top bartenders in Zurich, London, Paris, Scandinavia, Germany and Mumbai, Cadello offers a wide range of cocktail recipes; satisfactory to everyone’s tastes.

Why not try the Cadellotini? Cadello’s very own spin on the much-loved Martini. This cocktail was created by Goethe Bar in Zurich and includes Cadello, Vodka, Frangelico, Cherry Liqueur and Espresso. If that’s not to your tastes, then why not combine Cadello with fresh lemon juice, Tio Pepe Dry Sherry Fino and Ginger Syrup to create the Fizzy Fiddler. A cocktail created by award-winning bartender Chloé Merz-Salyer.

Priced at £30 for 50cl, available online from Honest Grapes.


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