We have all heard of the Negroni cocktail, and we may have even enjoyed a glass or two at #TeamCoco, but did you know that it was first poured 100 years ago in 1919 in a little café in Italy?

Rumour has it that Count Camillo Negroni wanted to make his usual cocktail an Americano slightly stronger, by removing the usual soda water and replacing with a shot of gin, thus the first Negroni cocktail was born.

This Italian aperitivo cocktail is classic in stature with classic ingredients (Vermouth, CAMPARI, and Gin – equal parts), and it has stood the test of time.

CAMPARI have organised a number of UK-wide events called N100: Cheers to the Count to support the Negroni 100th birthday this June, check out the deets below.

From N100: Cheers to the Count, the celebrations continue into Negroni Week 2019 (24 – 30 June), with a series of parties and one-off menus in six partner bars across Edinburgh, Manchester and London. These include:

The Vinyl Factory – London

Choose from snapping a Negroni selfie in N100: The Classics bar, an installation built with CAMPARI bottles, or learn the skills it takes to craft a Negroni in a bar built entirely of ice and serving an exclusive Negroni Flight. If you prefer your parties international, take a trip to Italy at the Café Culture bar, inviting guests to learn more about where this famous cocktail was born, whilst sampling Italian aperitivo. Or, at the Globetrotters bar, take a trip through cities that influenced the creation of CAMPARI’s Negroni. Finally, guests finish at Campari Creates to take on the Count and create their very own twist on a Negroni.

Tickets available here: https://lineupnow.com/event/n100-cheers-to-the-count

Oriole N100 Club Night: Mixology: The art of Negroni – London

Celebrate at Oriole’s Negroni 100 Club, a decadent Italian discotheque. Drinks include the Oriole Negroni, Americano and Boulevardier, with other cocktails available. Seated table tickets (including complimentary pre-batched Negronis for the table) are available alongside standing tickets and walk-ins

Hoot the Redeemer: The Rulebreakers – Edinburgh

The Negroni was born from a transgression by Count Camillo. In an ode to the eccentric creator of the Negroni, Hoot the Redeemer will be serving their own twist on the classic cocktail. There will be five on offer, choose from the Negroni Ice Cream (£4), Teuchter’s Burd Slushy (£5), Plaza Garibaldi’s (£5), The Skagliato (£6), Munro Bagger (£6).

Jealous Prints: CAMPARI Creates – London

Jealous Prints is a contemporary gallery based in East London’s creative hub of Shoreditch. For one-night only Jealous Prints will encapsulate the creative history of the Negroni and invite consumers to be inspired to create your very own personalized Negroni and Negroni artwork.

Tickets available here: https://lineupnow.com/event/campari-celebrates-negroni-week-with-campari-creates-at-jealous-prints

Vermuteria: Cafe Culture – London

Vermuteria, located in Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross is an all-day café and bar serving a fine collection of cocktails and Vermouth. A dedicated Negroni will be available on the terrace of Vermuteria for you to choose from. Be sure to try the Clear Negroni made with a rare 1965 CAMPARI Cordial.

Science and Industry: N100 – The Classics – Manchester

Science & Industry is an eccentric and experimental hideaway in Manchester. They’ll be showcasing the N100 classics with a menu that uses their drinks laboratory to create experimental takes on Negronis, Americanos, Boulevardiers, and Sbagliatos.

Thursday 27th June – Callooh Callay: Globetrotters – London

Often regarded as one of Shoreditch’s best cocktail bars, Callooh Callay will showcase the global story of the Negroni. The story may have started in Florence but is spans across the globe and involves Milan, the city of the Bitter, Turin, the city of the Vermouth, London, where Count Camillo used to go, and New York of the Golden Age of Cocktails.

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/campariuk


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