Siemens newest coffee machines allow you to create barista-style coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Using innovative technology and design, Siemens have created a range of coffee machines that are equipped with the features to produce delicious homemade coffee time and time again. You won’t need to visit a coffee shop ever again!

The new EQ range features three fully automatic bean-to-cup machines at varying price points.

For smaller spaces the EQ.3 s100 (£499) is the perfect choice due to its sleek and compact design. The clever OneTouch function allows users to create any coffee with frothed milk at just the touch of a button. That’s the kind of simplicity we need in our busy lives!

The EQ.6 plus s100 (£999) is personalisation perfect with the capabilities to make six standard coffee styles that can be modified to individual taste customising the strength of the beans, the water temperature and the milk volume – it even memorises your preferences for easy future use.

The EQ.9 plus s700 (£1,999) is the pinnacle of fully automatic bean-to-cup machines aimed at the most devoted of coffee drinkers. State-of-the-art engineering and attractive styling make this a piece of kit that any coffee fanatic would be proud to own. The EQ.9 boasts some pretty impressive tech features, such as a touch screen and the ability to be controlled by your phone or with Alexa via the Home Connect app. Offering a whole 15 coffee styles this machine allows total tailoring of coffee strength, amount, temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and brewing speed. You can even prepare two drinks simultaneously, thanks to the dualBean dispenser and double spouts, making it perfect for entertaining.

Every EQ uses the same innovative technology of the unique iAroma feature. This advanced system ensures the ideal temperature, grind size and water flow with every cup as well as using the sensoFlow intelligent heater, which heats the water to the optimal temperature (between 90⁰C and 95⁰C) and maintains this temperature throughout the entire brewing process to ensure the full aroma is released.

The best thing about these machines is their long lifespan maximised by the calc’nClean feature, which cleans and descales your appliance in one go with minimal effort – even better!


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