#CocoFashion : 2017 Men´s Shirt Trend Round-up

For most men, shirts are a wardrobe staple. Practically every man owns several. Even those who like to dress casually are starting to wear shirts more often as more casual styles are introduced.

Every year, brings something new, and 2017 has been no exception. As you will see, there is a lot going on, which is likely to mean that shirts will continue to grow in popularity.

Back to 90s
Perhaps the strongest trend is that a lot of the designs have been inspired by 90s fashion.

The return of denim shirts to mainstream fashion

As you can see here denim shirts are very much back in style. They have always been available in one or two stores, but have not been this popular, since the mid 90s.

Most designers are using traditional denim for their designs. This 100% cotton fabric is quite thick and heavyweight, so these are very much casual shirts. In fact, some are so heavy that you are likely to see guys wearing them over t-shirts as an alternative to a jacket. In fact, one or two designers have already noticed this trend and tapped into it by producing denim shirts with hoods.

Formal denim shirts
However, designers are also producing less traditional denim shirts. Some have used modern denim which is made from finer cotton threads. This produces a relatively lightweight fabric that can work for a formal shirt. It will be interesting to see if this style of denim shirt starts to be worn to the office, this autumn.

Print denim
In addition, a few fabric manufactures have started to make print denim. At the moment, the designs are quite subtle, for example small dark blue leaves printed onto light coloured denim. These shirts look great worn with a smart pair of jeans, or dark chinos and a pair of brogues. Smart casual is a very current look that you can expect to see more of later in the year.

Goodbye to the skinny shirt
Shirt cuts have also got baggier. The skinny cuts we have got so used to are still available, but most of this year’s shirts are not designed to show off a man´s pecs. Instead, the emphasis is on comfort, with lengths getting longer as well. These baggier shirt cuts are clearly inspired by the 90s.

Plaid shirts
For the latter part of 2017 it looks like plaid will be big. It is a classic fabric that works well for the smart casual vibe that is going on. This style of shirt looks particularly good when worn with a pair of tailored jeans.

Cuban collars
For 2017, the grandfather collar style shirt has given way to Cuban collar. It is another design classic that works because it is so classy and chic. The only problem is that this notch design collar is difficult to wear with a jacket, so it is not likely that you will see them being worn in the office. It is more likely that you will see brightly coloured Cuban collar shirts being paired with plain trousers and loafers or brogues.

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