#CocoFashion : Dressing for a Banquet

When you are invited to a banquet then the most important thing is to select the dress to wear. Dressing up according to the latest trends and styles is quite challenging. Obviously, everyone wants to look good, stylish and trendy but that is only possible if you are dressed according to the event or occasion. You can visit TeraniCouture.com if you are looking for the latest fashion and hottest style of 2017. Here you can find a huge variety of formal, semi-formal and casual banquets. The dressing according to the banquet mainly depends on how formal the banquet is. So, first, it is required to take the detailed information regarding the nature of banquet. Here is a look at the latest banquet dress trends and fashion.

Illusion Dresses: It is certainly the hottest trend of 2017. The dress is made using a sheer mesh material which gives an illusion of having a second skin. Mostly this illusion look is given at the back, at the neckline and anywhere on the body of the dress. The sheer panels are also beautifully placed using some strategy on the skirts so as to make some part of the legs visible. These dresses are mostly available in gowns and look very elegant.

Ball gowns: These are the big pouffy dresses; it is a trend that was seen in the past but this trend is back again in the banquet dinners. The signature form of these dresses includes a strikingly extravagant full skirt. These skirts are usually embellished or are designed using tiered ruffles. The neckline is also designed beautifully in order to give the ball gowns a striking look. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd then ball gowns is the best option ever.

Two Piece Dresses: These can be long gowns, short party dresses or gowns but these are designed by combining glitz and glam. If you want to have a rocking look then you must go for these dresses. Apart from giving a rocking look these dresses can also give a glamorous touch as well.

Cut-Outs: These are really the dresses to impress and are the best choice for any casual banquet or cocktail parties. The cut-out design can be included in any style like in evening gowns or short skirts. It can really add a touch of drama to your dress.

Lace Dress: The lace dresses add a touch of femininity to the attire which makes it look more charming and appealing. This is the trend that never goes out of fashion and always looks stunning as ever. These are one of the best choices to wear in formal banquet dinners.

Sequins: If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your formal or casual dresses then adding sequins can do this the best. These are mostly worn in formal gatherings or semi formal events like weddings. You can add as many sequins in your dress as you like. It can be fully covered with the glitzy appearance of sequins or you can choose to cover only a part of your dress.

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