#CocoFitness : Why you need to start running today

Runners are a bit like the Sunday drivers, they both leisurely cruise around the country lanes without a care in the world taking in the world’s natural beauty and breathing in the pleasant fresh country air, and you either love them or hate them.

Either way here’s why you should hit the road today.#

You don’t have to run at the speed of light or run a marathon to get the benefits of running, and anyone can do it, and one of the beauties about running is that all you have to do is run.


Anytime and anywhere.

Just put one foot in front of the other that’s it and what’s even better is that you can do it anywhere at any time, whether it be doing laps around the local duck pond at midnight or running the streets in your lunch hour, you’re the boss.


You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home if you have a treadmill.

Save some pennies

The great outdoors in FREE. You won’t find the world taking a direct debit from your bank account, the only thing you need to spend some money on is some well-fitted trainers to bounce around in.

Pizza is your friend

Oh yes, you can actually eat pizza guilt free. Obviously, you wouldn’t stuff your face with it every day but us runners need carbs for energy particularly before a long run. If you don’t like pizza no problem, rice, pasta, and potato are all good carb loaders.


Flush out the toxins

Constipation is not nice and what’s even worse is prune juice. The good news is, is that running makes you go, so next time you can’t poop done the trainers and go for a run, but I wouldn’t venture too far unless there are public toilets at hand.


Get legs like Arnie

There’s no better way to get those legs in tip top shape. Regular running over time will have the legs all shapely and toned with calves of steel. Though you can also achieve this in the gym.

Burn the calories

Ok, everyone is different, so there is no definite figure on how many calories one single person will burn as were all built differently.


However, on average running at a steady – jog pace you will burn 100 calories per mile, having said that if you’re a little on the heavier side then you will burn more and less if you are on the lighter side. Other factors to consider is the intensity of the run,  the higher the intensity, the more calories you burn.


Afterburn (EPOC)

Imagine that, you’ve done your run, had your shower and tucked into your dinner, and all that time your body is still burning up those calories from your earlier run.


Bonus. You don’t need to go high-intensity with workouts to get the after burn. Afterburn is where the body is trying to get back to its normal state, so it’s still using up the energy and oxygen, thus burning the calories. Any fitness professional will tell you this.


Stress Buster

As many people nowadays have busy, hectic lifestyles stress is high up there among us but did you know that running can reduce your stress levels enormously.


When we run, we have time to ourselves making way to think things over in our head and were spending quality time with ourselves.  At the same time our bodies are releasing the feel good factor free drug, better known as endorphins, not only does these endorphins make us feel good but they can also help slow down the ageing process and give the immune system a boost.


Get strong bones

As a runner, we are told that running is bad for our knees.

WRONG. In fact running it very good for our knees and will actually see fewer runners developing osteoarthritis as we get older.

Muscle mass helps protect the joints from inflammation in reducing the likely hood of joint problems including osteoarthritis.

Healthy heart healthy you


You don’t need to run miles and miles and miles a week to improve the health of your heart.

Just to run up to one hour a week at your own pace can have a huge impact on your health especially on your heart.


Running helps you lose weight, in return, it helps with the fight against obesity which helps combat against high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, it lowers high blood pressure and the risk of stroke.


With all of that making a runner less likely to develop heart disease and even some cancers.


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