With more of us spending time at home, it’s essential that our living spaces are offering much more than just a roof over our heads. They need to enhance our lives and become a space that we feel calm, safe and relaxed in.

We’ve teamed up with internationally renowned luxury interiors expert, Juliette Thomas of Juliettes Interiors, to get her top tips on how to design for wellbeing and how to create the perfect working from home space.

The Importance of Light

Your home should be an oasis, a place to relax and escape the stresses of what is going on around us. Bring in plenty of natural light by adding mirrors around your home, which will help to create a bright and airy feel to your interior. This will help you feel uplifted, especially during those dark and dreary winter days as light plays a key part in our mental health. To create a homely feel, fill your living room and bedroom with lamps and candles, not only will candles make your home smell beautiful, the gentle flickering flames create a calming atmosphere perfect for helping you to feel relaxed.

Colour Choices

Neutral shades are set to be big in 2021. We’re all keen to reset and create a peaceful ambiance in our home that makes us feel balanced, and a neutral interior is designed to do just that. However, if beige isn’t for you, choose a colour that will uplift you, like green or pink as these shades are inspiring and will help you to feel energised when at home.

Define your Work Area

If you’re working from home, it’s really important to make a clear distinction between your work and living space so you can switch off from your job at the end of the day. The feeling of not having switched off won’t help your state of mind and you’ll find it hard not to focus on work if you’re surrounded by it. So make sure you tidy things away and have a designated working area.

If you’re struggling to find a space that’s away from everyone else in the home, under the stairs or on a landing can be the perfect solution and is often the ideal size for a desk and some compact storage. If you’re worried about this sprawling into your living areas, add some doors to close off the space, or add a screen divider to separate and conceal the working zone. A rug, a few houseplants, a wall colour variation or some open shelving can also help to zone the working area, creating a clear distinction between the room’s two uses. If you choose to paint the wall a different colour, opt for a bright shade to help keep you uplifted, energised and motivated throughout the day.

The Outdoors

There’s no denying the benefits the great outdoors has on our wellbeing. It might not be the weather for it at the moment, but as soon as spring comes get your outdoor furniture out, plant some bright flowers and enjoy a little bit of vitamin D. It’s important not to overlook your outdoor space, after all it is an extension of your home and should be enjoyed as much as possible. During the dark winter months I suggest adding some greenery into your home, to help provide a bit of the outdoors inside.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to create a home that’s not only functional but factors in your wellness and state of mind too, which is important, especially during this uncertain time.

To see more of Juliette’s work, head over to Juliettes Interiors


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