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COCOHOME : Mesmerising Interior Design with Adeco Home

COCOHOME : Mesmerising Interior Design with Adeco Home

Here at House of Coco we are obsessed with interiors, you’ll often find us scrolling Pinterest boards and virtually creating our dream homes.

February 10th, 2021

Here at House of Coco we are obsessed with interiors, you’ll often find us scrolling Pinterest boards and virtually creating our dream homes. We recently stumbled across ADECO HOME, an interiors brand that stands out from the crowd thanks to their stunning, unique designs and we were instantly obsessed.

From 2011 until 2018, a Kuwaiti Interior Designer roamed the globe to catch mesmerising design ideas for wall coverings, canvases, fabrics …etc. “I am sick of the common and normal designs, I felt restricted. So, I decided to create my own.” He said.

On the 1st of November 2018, ADECO HOME was launched and with-it flowed captivating digitally printed designs. It caught the attention of the Arabian Gulf and soon after, it caught attention from around the world. We spent some time with Duaij Al Duaij to find out more…

Where did you first discover your love for interiors?

At a young age I really liked to draw and that comes with the love to create. Also, interiors are an area my family has worked in for many years. I believe it’s a mix of something l like to do and what I was surrounded by. Nevertheless, living in a space that reflects who you are can give you a sense of peace. The main aim is to get people to that feeling.

You travel the world to find inspiration for your designs, how often do you release new collections?

Inspiration is all around us traveling or not. We mainly release new collections every quarter so every 3 months but sometimes we work on something so good that we can’t wait to share it. So, you should keep up with us, you never know what we may do.

What has been the biggest learning curve since launching the business?

The most important thing I have come to learn is the team you have; they need to be passionate about what they do. And then comes customer service, it takes a lot and is key to survive because at the end of the day we are doing this for our customers.

Looking back since launching the brand, is there anything you would do different?

I don’t think that I would change anything as I am very happy how things turned out so far and the best is yet to come. We do work with a plan in mind and sometimes it’s more on the spot so we try to do our best with the situation. Also, this past year was very unpredictable so we had to adapt to keep moving forward.

How do you want people to feel when they use your designs in their home?

The main aim is to get our customers to the lifestyle they dream of having. So, we work hard to understand what they want and deliver it to get our customers feeling amazing in their own space.

How much has social media played a role in the success of your brand?

It differently helped, it’s a great way to showcase and communicate what we do with the world on a daily basis. But its not more than a tool that we use to interact with customers. But for sure there are other ways to do so we come to see with our products it helps when they are on display therefore, we have some of our designs in local furniture stores, interior designers’ offices and some big brand names like IKEA.

What is your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

Taking care of my team is a big deal to me and I make sure that keep them motivated even if it’s just with words of encouragement. I always tell them to live for the moment and do what ever they see fit in a situation. But I guess my go-to quote would be:

  • Everything is possible.
  • When you are down just get back up and keep going.

How has Covid19 impacted your business?

Not very much thank god, we did our best to keep up with what was going on and to keep busy in moving forward. We had to make some changes to go with the flow of how things needed to be done but we couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. This resulted in being ranked one of the top 5 in the world and the first in the middle east in printing by HP in 2020.

Where can people find out more?

Our website for sure is the best way to find out more (www.adecohome.com) and the Instagram account (adecohome) has our day to day and you can always ask us for sure about anything at any time.



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