Decorating the home is a challenge, regardless of how many times you have done it. A small room is just as difficult to decorate as a large room and can take time and meticulous planning to get right. Here, we are going to look at some home décor must-haves for 2019.


One of the biggest trends for 2019 is the use of artwork within your home. Whether this is a homemade piece made by you and the family, or a selection of floral canvas prints, there are endless options for amazing artwork for any room in the home. This artwork can either be framed or hung up as canvas to add an element of elegant style to the home by keeping it simple yet colourful. This is perfect, particularly if this is your first home as this will allow you to add your own style and make it feel more like home.

Light Wood Floor

Not only will a light wood floor brighten up the room, but it is also perfect for making the room look much larger. The lighter nature of the material allows light to be reflected and bounced from wall to wall, allowing for light to pass round quickly. The light wood floor is also highly beneficial for those that have pets as this gives them the freedom to run around as they please and with accidents being easily cleaned as quickly as possible. It is much easier to maintain than a carpeted surface and is often cheaper to buy if buying a large amount.

Comfortable Furniture

Another big trend for 2019 is comfort. The idea of creating a stylish space without compromising on overall comfort is at the heart of all current interior design trends and is bringing on a new wave of textured furniture that looks great and is comfortable to sit on at the same time. This is particularly useful if creating a living room space, as this is the room where a majority of the family will be spending a large amount of their time.

Plants And Greenery

The final major trend of 2019 thus far is the addition of plants within your spaces. Whether this is potted plants hanging from the ceiling or a bunch of flowers near the fireplace, the touch of green is perfect to tie the room together. These plants don’t even have to be real as there is an entire range of plastic plants that look realistic, allowing you to have the look of real plants without the commitment of keeping them alive for a long amount of time.

Regardless of which aspect of your house you are looking to change, it is important to consider the colour scheme as well as the furniture that will be heavily featured. This is key as this will then help to add accent pieces to ensure that every room in the home works coherently together.


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