If you haven’t heard of macarons in 2017, you’ve probably been living under a rock. The airy sweet treats are constantly plastered all over our Instagram feeds, shooting to fame in recent years and popping up in stores and restaurants all over the world.

But despite the recent foodie trend, they aren’t anything new. Macarons have been around for hundreds of years, so why are they only now being thrust into the limelight? Let’s delve in and answer this question and learn more about the humble macaron in this article.

The Macaron is Born
The macaron has a very rich history and has evolved over the centuries to where it is today. They have infiltrated all areas of life when you think about it, sold in bakeries all over the world and bombarded across the internet all over our social media feed and even finding their place in online gambling sites with macaron themed games!

It is believed that macarons originated way back in the 8th century in Venice, and were brought over to Renaissance France by Catherine de Medici’s pastry chef in 1533. They were quite simple treats made from egg whites, sugar and almonds, and there are many records of the dessert across France from that time. It is said that Medici’s granddaughter survived starvation by eating macarons, while, in 1792, two Carmite nuns paid for housing by baking and selling macarons and became known as the Macaron Sisters. However, it wasn’t until the 1830s when macarons as we know them today were made – in two halves with fillings such as jam, buttercream and ganache. There has been dispute over which French baker made these macarons, either Pierre Desfontaines, the founder of famous French patisserie Ladurée, or another baker by the name of Claude Gerbet.

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How They’re Made
As mentioned above, the first macarons were made simply with almonds, egg whites and sugar, but there are variations in the ways they can be made around the world, however, we will look at the classic French method. For the two meringue halves, use a mixture of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Mould them into a round, smooth cookie, and in between fill them with a buttercream, jam or ganache filling of your choice. It is important to get the balance and textures of each part correct: the meringue must be slightly crispy but soft, yet not too chewy, and the filling should be lightly applied, not too cloying or overflowing from between the two halves, but enough to taste the flavour fully.

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Where to Get the Best Macarons
For some of the best macarons in the world, head to the Ladurée patisserie in Paris. The original bakery still stands and is worth the visit for the interior alone, which is brimming with grandeur and elegance. The macarons are a little pricey at nearly €3 each, but they are truly delicious. They have a great selection of flavours, such as Rose Petal, Salted Caramel, Raspberry and Orange Blossom. All of which are light and airy and don’t overdo it on the favour, yet remain very tasty to eat. If you aren’t such a sweet tooth, there are places serving savoury macarons. The Muse Restaurant in Pokolbin, New South Wales serves savoury macarons including spiced goats cheese flavour, and they have proven to be a popular choice at the award-winning restaurant.

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There’s no denying it though, macarons are truly delicious. Now if you don’t mind us, we’re off to go find some macarons!


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