A little taste of The States at Tobacco Rd, Leeds

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Tucked away just off Merrion Street in Leeds, Tobacco Rd offers an American experience to this otherwise proud Northern city.

With a distinctive dive bar aesthetic, you’re welcomed with an industrial style decor coupled with rock and roll classics blaring out of the speakers. While there definitely isn’t enough room to have a cheeky dance along to the likes of AC/DC and Queen, the cosy atmosphere makes for a more casual setting.

Leeds, Tobacco Rd, Merrion Street, Bars, Food, American Bar, Leeds barsBehind the bar, you’ll find all your usual tipples plus some American favourites. What better way to enjoy the atmosphere than with a tumbler of Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels in your hand?

You’ll also spot on the shelf a bottle of American Aviation Gin which, if you’re hot on your viral videos, you’ll recognise thanks to Ryan Reynolds who owns part of the brand (but more importantly makes the hilarious marketing stuff we all love).

There’s a pretty good mix of bar stools and actual tables to sit at which all depends on whether you’re there to have a few drinks or get something to eat. With that said, if you are feeling peckish, you won’t be disappointed.

Sticking to its theme, Tobacco Rd serves up the likes of spicy wings, dirty burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches to name just a few. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to chow down here if you’re trying to eat healthily but who doesn’t need a cheat day every now and then anyway!

One of the things Tobacco Rd prides itself on is its craft beer. Poured on tap with some quirky, novelty levers you’ve got your choice of traditional beers as well as flavoured options too. For example, if you don’t usually consider yourself a beer drinker then the Schofferhoffer is a great shout. This grapefruit Radler is light and flavourful without tasting too much like a normal beer.

Leeds, Tobacco Rd, Merrion Street, Bars, Food, American Bar, Leeds barsIf you’re not in the beer mood at all, fear not, as there is a great cocktail menu too. With a good selection on offer, you can choose from recognisable classics like Margarita’s and Negroni’s or opt for something a little more fitting. With all-American names like Jersey Lightning and Bronx Mule, the mixology here isn’t to be sniffed at.

While Tobacco Rd might not be the biggest of bars in terms of space, it definitely packs a lot in terms of its character and theme. You wouldn’t go here for a big night out but you’d definitely start the evening here with a few casual beers and cocktails with friends.

Dress code: Jeans and a nice top
Atmosphere: Casual
Food: Hearty portions of greasy grub

Morgan Mitchell

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