#CocoLifestyle : Are Date Nights an Important Part of a Happy Marriage?

One of the things about being married is that you have to figure out what is best for the two of you – what works for one couple could be a disaster for another.  But one idea that has spread around the world is the idea of a date night – once a week, fortnight or month where the couple has a dedicated night to themselves to do something they enjoy.  And can be the way to a happy marriage?

What is date night?

The idea of date night for married couples is a simple one – do something together that you both enjoy without any kids, friends, siblings or anyone else along.  Think of it as a bit like the dates you would go on before you were married: a chance to spend some time together, reacquainting with each other.

But we live in the same house say many couples.  And this is true but relationship experts say that the idea of date night is an important one for a happy marriage.  After all, during the rest of the time, we are busy with our lives – going to work, looking after the kids, tidying the house, sorting the shopping and all the other countless tasks that we do on a daily basis.  The idea of date night is to put all of that to one side and have some time just for one another.

Reasons for date night

One study by The National Marriage Project in the US even assembled a whole list of reasons why date night is beneficial for couples of all ages and those with and without kids.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Couples who had a date night once a week or had time to spend with just each other had a lower divorce rate than those that didn’t
  • Weekly date nights also help communication about a range of issues without the distraction of daily life
  • Couples with date nights were 3.5 times happier in their marriage than those that didn’t
  • Dedicated couples time increases passion, excitement and the sense of romance in the relationship which has a positive effect on sexual satisfaction

Another interesting fact found that a date night helps couples reclaim their individual identity as well as their identity as a couple.  Much of our time we are the different roles we play in life – mother, father, son, daughter, co-worker, employee, boss or even friend.  But dedicated time helped to restore self and couple identity away from all of these other roles.

What to do on date night?

So what can you do on date night?  The answer to that question depends a lot on the both of you – what do you both enjoy doing?  What do you both hate doing?  

For starters, date night doesn’t have to involve going anywhere at all.  Send the kids to the babysitters for the evening and spend the time at home.  Make a romantic meal together, watch a favourite film or even spend the night in the bedroom – treat yourselves to a little something from Pleasure Delights to spice things up if you like!

If you are both fine cuisine fans, then make a list of the restaurants you want to visit but either haven’t or haven’t for a long time.  Then each date night, make a booking for the next one on the list and enjoy a quality meal and a bottle of wine.

You can even go to the cinema and for a pizza, if that’s what you enjoy – there are no rules around date night apart from that it must just be the two of you.  Find something you both enjoy that you can do together and make that the focus for the evening.  And enjoy yourselves!

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