#CocoLifestyle : How To Treat Yourself 

Sometimes it’s just good to treat yourself. There doesn’t have to be a particular reason to spend a little money (although spending money is not a prerequisite for treating yourself, of course) and take a little time all to yourself; you might just feel that it’s time you were pampered and looked after, especially if that’s something you usually do for other people.

You might feel that you deserve a bit of a treat because you’ve worked especially hard or you’ve achieved a milestone that you’ve been working towards. Maybe it’s your birthday or coming up for a special anniversary, and you want to spoil yourself because of it. Whatever the reason (or even for no reason) it’s good to take time for yourself once in a while. Here are some great ways to do it.

Get A Massage 

Getting a massage is one of the very best ways you can treat yourself. Choose a professional and find somewhere that you’re comfortable; after all, you will need to take most of your clothes off to get the most benefit from your massage. Don’t worry though; you’ll be covered with a towel or similar for the majority of the session.

A massage is a great way to relax, and it counteracts all the sitting that we tend to do when we’re working. Sitting around for too long can cause issues with circulation (as well as your general fitness levels), but a massage will boost your circulation and help make you feel happy and healthy. A massage will also ease tired, stiff muscles and enable your body to produce the happy hormone serotonin amongst other things.

Go To A Hotel

Home may be where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean it’s where you can really enjoy some time to yourself. Book a night away at a fancy hotel and really make the most of it. Arrive as early as you can and indulge in some spa facilities. Take a long, luxurious bubble bath in your room. There’s nothing wrong with a shower, but they are best for when you have only got a little time. If you can spare an hour or so, a bath is the best way to treat yourself. Once you’re totally relaxed and chilled out order some room service (make sure you get dessert!) and watch a great movie.

When you rise the next day, you’ll feel incredible and ready to get back to ‘normal’ life with a spring in your step.

Get A Makeover

If you lead a busy life, there can often be very little time for things like trying out new hairstyles or makeup techniques. You might not get your nails seen to regularly and could do with a manicure (and perhaps a pedicure too). What about a facial? Doesn’t it all sound amazing? If it does, then treat yourself to a makeover. You can book into a salon that can do your hair, makeup, nails, and offer facials too. Just allow the experts to take over. Regardless of whether you yourself may decide to invest in certain hair equipment, when you emerge from under this product you will look and feel incredible.

Buy Flowers 

Treating yourself can be something very simple such as buying yourself some flowers to brighten up your home. They don’t have to cost a lot either – any store that sells flowers will have some that are going to be thrown out, so look for those. If you can’t find them, just ask, and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Whilst it’s true that these flowers may not last as long as others, they will cost a lot less and still give you a couple of days’ worth of enjoyment.

Buy as many bunches as you want to and bring them home to arrange as you wish. It will depend on how many flowers you were able to buy as to how many rooms you can fill with wonderful smelling blooms but even if you only put them in one room your home (and you) will feel the benefit.

Sign Up For A Class

Once you start investigating, you’ll discover a plethora of different evening and weekend classes held in your local area. So what do you want to do? Choose from art and craft, learning a new language, music, baking, and much, much more. What has always been in the back of your mind that you want to do? Find a class that will satisfy that need and that curiosity. It might be that you try it and realize that it’s not for you. It might, however, be that you try it and you love it – it could even lead to a career change, or at least an interesting side hustle.

Learning something new will stimulate the brain and keep it active which is a great way of staying healthy as you grow older too.

Buy An Item From Your Wish List

Many of us have wish lists full of things that we’d like to buy but just can’t summon up the courage to do so because it costs a fair amount, or it might not go with the rest of the furniture or other people might not like it. When it’s time to treat yourself, you can forget all of those things and just go for it (as long as it isn’t going to put you in any kind of financial difficulties, of course).

You could buy something small like a nice bottle of wine that you’ve heard was good but never tried, or it could be something big like a large piece of artwork or a new kitchen gadget. You might even decide that it’s time for a new car. Whatever it is, if it’s going to make you happy and you can afford it, go for it.

Read A Book

Sometimes it really is the simple things that make something wonderful. Take an afternoon off work and snuggle up with a snack and a drink and a great book. Just read it – take as long as you want because you will have emptied your schedule for this moment. Enjoy the characters and don’t rush through the plot; take your time to appreciate the writing and indulge.

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