#CocoLifestyle : Things to Consider Before Building a Garden Room

Extending your home to gain more space is a preferred option for many people versus moving house but getting the right extension can be a tricky process.  Often it is a combination of what you can afford with what you need.  The garden room is a great combination of a single storey extension and a conservatory that has the flexibility to suit many needs – but what are the considerations before building one?

The budget

One of the top things to consider is always your budget and getting the most for your money.  There are many different designs for these spaces including oak framed garden rooms that can bring a natural touch to the area.  By opting for a high quality material such as this, you may pay a little more upfront but the space will remain in top condition for longer.

The space

The dimensions of your garden will dictate how large a garden room you can add to your home and can also affect whether you will need planning permission for the project or not.  Obviously, the larger the garden, then the bigger the garden room you can add to it without being affected by planning permission.  

The location

You should also consider things such as the position – will it get the sunlight during the day and could this be a problem if you are working there?  If the room receives sunlight all day, it will be a warm space and therefore air conditioning might be needed in the warmer months.  However, if it receives little sunshine then it may require extra heating in colder months to compensate for this.  The layout of your house and garden may dictate the location somewhat but there are always considerations around this area.

Planning permission

Usually, you don’t need planning permission for garden rooms as they come under permitted development rights.  They need to be less than 2.5 metres and at least two metres from any boundary to pass through without planning permission.  The garden room cannot use more than 50% of the total space of the garden and needs to be less than 30 square metres.

If you are at all uncertain, always check with your local planning authority.

The use

What you plan to use the garden room for can have an impact on some of the particulars of the space.  For example, if you know that you want to use is as a home office, then you will likely want top level double glazed windows, blinds and plenty of electricity spots when designing the space.  But if it is to be a relaxation room, a TV room or simply a place for the kids to play, then the demands are a little less specific.

The construction

More people are opting for oak garden rooms over the brick option for a number of reasons.  Wood is extremely durable and weather resistant while when it is used for construction, it is also treated to add to this natural durability.  It brings a natural look and feel to the space and is easy to heat when combined with double glazed windows and doors.  It is also very eco-friendly as it is a sustainable building material where any waste can be recycled.


Garden rooms are a multi-purpose addition to any property and can fulfil the widest range of needs.  You can find bespoke services where the room created is exactly what you require in addition to basic planned versions.  This means you can have the space you want for the purpose you require it that fits in with your home and garden space.

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