#CocoLiving : Tips for Creating a Sociable Outdoor Space

Gardens have many uses. We relax in them, kids use them as a safe space to play, and we use them as a great place to entertain, especially over the summer time. It can be difficult creating a garden that is suitable for all of these things so here are some great tips on how to prepare your garden for all those summer barbeques you will want to host.

Create Zones

If you have a large garden, it’s a great idea to incorporate zones. Create a clear play area where any kids, either your own or visiting, can be free to have fun and play, a dining zone where the grown-ups can enjoy a meal together, and a relaxing zone where you can chill out and unwind after a busy day. Creating zones like this helps to keep your garden clean and allows you to relax a little more.

Add Decking

When it comes to the dining and entertaining zone, decking is a great option. Grass is unreliable and patio tiles and slabs can be unsightly. Decking is safe, stylish, and easy to look after. Having decking outside your home is great for garden parties and outdoor dinners, but also useful for indoor parties as it gives people a space to get some air without worrying about getting muddy.

Add a Covered Area

Even in summer time, British weather can be temperamental. If you want to be able to enjoy your garden as much as possible, it’s a good idea to cover an area to keep everyone dry in a sudden shower. A section of your decking is probably the best choice.

Keep it Clean

Before summer arrives give your garden a good clean up. Make sure everything is nice and neat, your garden looks good, and all of your furniture is clean. Then, get into a routine. Add the garden to your list of household jobs to make sure you keep on top of it. It’s hard to relax and enjoy an evening of outdoor entertaining if you don’t feel proud of your garden. Keeping it clean is a big step to achieving this.


Safety is another important part of entertaining guests, especially when children are involved. Basic safety tips for the garden include locking away any chemicals and tools and making sure any paths or decking aren’t slippery when wet.


If you are planning to entertain in your garden in the evening it’s a good idea to install some outdoor lighting which allows you to make the most of your outdoor space, even after dark. Solar lights give you many options. These include lanterns, posts, and string lights. If you are trying to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden, a few candles on your table or ledges can go a long way to getting the tone right.

A garden is a place that should be enjoyed. When it comes to décor and style see it as an extension of your home. Be bold, bright, and let it reflect your personality. Then, when it’s all ready, have a great summer entertaining in it.

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