Has a recent post about a retreat been exciting you for days? Are you considering the possibility of going on a retreat to help you focus and possibly learn something new?

You’d be surprised how many others like you are dying to go on their first retreat trip. But retreat trips aren’t always budget friendly. If you are in the middle of switching jobs, or don’t have well paying job, you might be thinking of letting this trip go.

Don’t cancel your retreat plans just now. Here’s how you can fund your retreat trip:

Crowd source your retreat

Ask for help. If you have a big circle of friend and family who support your passion, then crowd sourcing is the way to go. With crowd sourcing, you can request your tribe to fund your retreat by donating as little or as much as they can.

The crowd sourcing platform, Go Fund Me has raised more than $2 billion funds so far in all kinds of campgains. While some of these funds have been for worthy causes, there are instances where people were raising funds for cosmetic operations and luxury shopping. It’s happening.

If you think crowd sourcing is the way for you, then start by creating a proposal. Include the details of the retreat and why it is important for you. People are raising funds for all the wrong reasons. This has made potential investors skeptical. There are many frauds happening on Go Fund Me. That’s why you need to include all these details. Give you website address of the retreat and the company organizing the retreat.

To increase your chances, offer your people something in return. If you are going on a retreat to learn and practice yoga, offer your friends free yoga classes when you come back. Get them as excited as you are.

Apply for a Short Term Loan

If you feel that this retreat is your best chance to pursue your dream, then consider applying for a short term loan. Short term loans are generally offered to small businesses that need quick cash to get their business rolling. However, everyone can take out a short term loan.

Short term loans provide you with quick access to money, without having to go through endless application and channels to get your loan approved. A short term loan can be processed even in just 30 minutes.

Before you apply for a short term loan, think of how you are going to pay back the loan. Most people go on a retreat to learn a new skill or improve on their previous ones. Writers go on retreats all the time to finish their novel. This means once they come back from the retreat, they are ready to enter the market running. If this retreat will give you a chance to earn back the money, then go for it!

If you want to apply for a short term loan, you might want to check of these best short term loans providers.

Apply for a scholarship

Many retreats offer scholarships to their attendees to bring in motivated people. Find out if you can apply for a scholarship for your retreat trip. Maybe the organization that is organizing the retreat is offering a scholarship.

If there’s a possibility of a scholarship, you need to craft your application carefully. Getting a scholarship might not be easy, and isn’t for everyone. Think of why you should be getting that scholarship.

Read the details of the retreat. Pick out themes in the retreat that you can use in your application. For instance, if the retreat is offering you a chance to reclaim your personal boundaries, use that it in your application. Explain why reclaiming your personal boundaries is cruical for you right now.

It’s also not just words that are going to get you the scholarship. What have you been doing in your life that makes you eligible for the scholarship? If it’s a yoga retreat, talk about your journey towards yoga. Use visual examples. Show your portfolio.

Research the honoree. He’s the person who will be reading your scholarship application. Connect with him on some level. When you research him, you might find something that you both have in common. Touch on that common element.

Look for affordable options

A retreat doesn’t always have to be expensive and luxurious. We would all want to attend a retreat in the highlands of Spain, but let’s be honest with ourselves. An affordable retreat will probably achieve the same goals as an exotic retreat. You can go on a retreat in your current budget if you think frugally:

  • Negotiate Prices. Ask the retreat if they are offering discounts or offers. You can even talk to the organizers and ask for a discount. Some retreat offer early bird offers or group offers. Plan your retreat in advance. This way you can bag a good price, and can start saving early.
  • Look for local retreats. These would save you quite a lot of money in airplane tickets. If the retreat is close by, you can even drive to the place in your own car.
  • Look for affordable accommodations. If you can, share your accommodations. Many retreats offer the chance to live in dorm rooms that are significantly cheaper than hotel rooms. Find out what your retreat is offering.

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