#CocoTravel : Backpacking the World in Extreme Style

Backpacking comes with several unscrupulous mental images. Namely, wearing the same, dirty clothes over and over again. Backpacking, however, can be just as stylish as any other form of travel. In fact, you can rock the traveling chic without a problem, you just need to change how you pack, and how you style your looks. To help you go on your long trip, and still look insta-worthy in every photo, follow this guide:

For Style 

  1. Stick to a Week’s Worth of Clothes 

Capsule wardrobes are an excellent start to this, because they take the key strategies that you need to backpack in style. The less clothes you have, the better. Remember, it is possible to buy new clothes while you are abroad. These garments might even be the best souvenirs you’ll ever buy!

  1. Back to Basics 

Skip the trending clothes and opt for the basics. Items like simple t-shirts and jeans will look good with any combination, and they are also more durable than other options. You need to aim for two things when you are choosing clothes to bring: that they are made to last, and that they all look good together.

  1. Tips for Styling 

Having a small wardrobe might seem limiting, but it isn’t. Instead, it allows you to have style. Specifically, it allows you to have your style. Find new ways to layer, combine, and style the clothes you have, and you’ll be fashionable, and be traveling light.

For Comfort 

  1. Comfortable Underwear 

If you aren’t comfortable in the underwear you bring, don’t bring it. Travel is very taxing, which is why you need to aim to be as comfortable as you can. Comfort can be stylish, of course, which is what you should aim for.

  1. Comfortable Shoes 

It is entirely possible to find one pair of shoes that not only works for every outfit, but is also comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Multiple pairs of shoes are just extra space in your backpack. Instead, invest in new, durable shoes and stick with that one pair.

Tip: You could, for instance, bring flip-flops with you, as they don’t take up a lot of space in your backpack, and can protect your feet from communal showers.

  1. Everything Else 

If the only things you were bringing on your adventure were clothes, you’d have a lot more options. However, to be comfortable, and safe, you need to bring a lot more. Electronics, for instance, are a necessity in all our lives. Do your research to find out if you can get a sim card in your destination country, that way you can stay in touch with these great Viber rates no matter where you are. Similarly, having a tablet to read, watch movies, and write down your day in can be a great replacement for a laptop. No matter what you bring, extra battery packs and plug adapters will be a huge help.

You can travel in style, you just need to redefine your sense of style. Simple, but effective cuts, colours, and designs can help you look great with a small number of choices.


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