#COCOTRAVEL: Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Too many of us are guilty of taking our cities for granted. We live in them and act as if we know everything, judging tourists for appreciating what we can no longer see. We become wrapped up in our own routines, never really taking the chance to explore. 

 #TeamCoco are based in cities across the UK, a few of us in London, one of the most coveted and influential cities in the world. Yet we all seem to flock to the latest launch failing to take into account the remarkable heritage behind our daily lives, from the tube to the Thames. 

That’s when #TeamCoco were offered the chance to take a Sundowner Cruise down the  Thames, I’ll admit at first I was dubious, feeling I had the need to prove I was a (honorary) Londoner not a tourist. That was until I boarded the boat and realised I hadn’t really taken the opportunity to appreciate what London has to offer. The top deck of the boat was full but not overly crowded, a good mix of tourists who had done their research and groups and couples who wanted a leisurely evening cruise. 

The cruise boards at Westminster pier at 6.15, you feel small in comparison to both Big Ben and the London Eye looming over.  The sun highlights two of the world’s most iconic landmarks that most of us no longer even bother to cast our eyes up to. 

Tickets include a complimentary glass of champagne on boarding and canapés being served constantly by the most impeccable waiting staff; not to mention the live musician playing songs to fill every cup of tea, ensuring everyone enjoys every moment. 

The cruise takes you past; Big Ben, the London Eye, The Globe Theatre, the Gherkin, Sky Garden, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the Shard; along with under London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Ticking off basically every tourist attraction in London; without the hassle of getting sore feet or the tube. 

The cruise then returns back down the Thames to Westminster Abbey. Meaning the cruise is just two hours of sitting, eating, drinking and admiring the London skyline. 

Whilst departing the cruise we listened to Big Ben chime for one of the final times for four years, making us realise that we should all just look around a little more and maybe pop on a City Cruises’ Sundowner Cruise one evening.

 So whether it’s a red telephone box to Big Ben, #TeamCoco highly recommend becoming a tourist in your own city.

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