#CocoTravel : Best Sun-Filled Holidays to Go to This Winter

As the summers get hotter, summer vacations start to make less and less sense as time goes on. Why visit somewhere that is overcrowded and too hot to enjoy when you can instead go during winter, when your health needs it most? As children will still be in school families won’t be travelling, meaning that for those travellers who don’t have children to care for, winter holidays can be the best way to enjoy travelling to its absolute fullest. To help you choose where to go on your next sun-filled trip, try considering any of these top destinations:


Cyprus is an island country, meaning that it has absolutely no shortage of stunning beaches to choose from. How can you go wrong when October’s temperatures sit around a lovely 22C? It has beaches, it has ruins, it has nightlife, fresh food, and a great culture. People have been living on this island, after all, for over 12,000 years. It’s great for history buffs, for resort buffs, and for those who simply want to enjoy some more pleasant weather to get them through the winter months.


When it comes to infamous party islands, you have a choice of Ibiza or Majorca (occasionally spelt Mallorca). Majorca, however, is ideal for resorts, beaches, and stunning landscapes. Go during the winter months, and you can avoid the crowds, soak up the sun, and enjoy wandering through its ancient towns at your own pace.

Costa Del Sol 

Costa Del Sol is home to one of the most popular beaches on Instagram. It’s white sands and crystal blue waters are sure to be a popular hit, especially in the colder winter months. Go during winter and you can enjoy some beautiful weather, the beach, and, more importantly, fewer tourists. Have the beaches to yourself, enjoy the towns as a local, and benefit from the ocean air as it fills your lungs and helps you relax.


Dubai is modern masterpiece. Home to some of the most architecturally brilliant and impressive buildings in the world, this city is not one to be missed. By visiting in winter, you can not only save money, plus you can also enjoy much more bearable temperatures. Rather than bake, you can enjoy the sun at its fullest. There are so many winter holiday deals from Teletext Holidays to choose from, meaning you can visit places you never thought you could.

As global temperatures continue to rise, travelling to beach destinations in the summer is becoming less appealing to many. When you have to contend with heat waves and overcrowded beaches, the fun of your vacation can quickly dissipate. Instead, book your beach holiday when you need it most. Winter holidays can help boost your health and wellbeing while also being an economical choice for many who want to travel for less. Enjoy more private beaches, cooler weather, and more by simply skipping the cold dreary winters and heading for some Mediterranean fun instead.

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