#CocoTravel : The World’s First All You Can Fly Membership

We’re a bunch of millennials here at House of Coco which means we love to travel, are willing to be spontaneous and if there is a way to combine the two then we are in! Welcome Surf Air, the world’s first all-you-can fly membership airline, takes off for its eagerly awaited UK debut, from London Luton to Ibiza.

Founded in 2013 and already a success story in the US – where it serves 17 destinations from hubs in California and Texas, Surf Air’s transformational approach to air travel is built around a unique subscription model that allows members extraordinary flexibility, and frees them from the hassle of commercial airports.

Offering the benefits of private aviation, but for a fraction of the price, Surf Air represents an elevated experience for high frequency business and leisure travellers and enables them to take unlimited trips between its destinations, for a fixed monthly fee.

The monthly subscription flight-sharing model, pioneered by Surf Air, provides an economical and efficient solution to the increasingly chaotic air travel experience – giving flyers access to private airplanes and terminals on scheduled flights.

Surf Air’s European roll-out will see members able to fly quickly, simply, and comfortably between London and other key European destinations, including Cannes, Zurich, Geneva, and Milan – with reservations made at the touch of a button, for a monthly subscription starting from £1,750.

The Surf Air model enables seats to be secured on your chosen flight in just 30 seconds from any handheld device. Tedious airport waiting times are eliminated, as passengers are only required to arrive 15 minutes before take-off.

Surf Air travellers will fly aboard state-of-the-art executive aircraft which seat up to eight passengers, and will also have access to valet parking in well-appointed, dedicated terminals.

“Our model is the future of air travel,” said Simon Talling-Smith, CEO of Surf Air in Europe. “Surf Air offers a smarter, better alternative to commercial travel. Our streamlined service means no queues, no tickets and no stress. We focus our efforts on making each flying experience as simple and effortless as possible. We help our community of members free their time for what matters most.

Surf Air’s arrival in Europe is a mark of the success its unique model has brought to the industry. Launched in California as the first private membership airline in the US, the company’s European launch comes just two weeks after the company acquired its biggest competitor, RISE, as part of a major expansion programme.

For more information or to become a Surf Air member please visit www.surfair.com/eu/

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