We have been going #veganuary mad this month with all sort of tips and tricks on how to make it meat-free til the end of Jan. For those of you who are embracing veganism now or who might be even be thinking about this lifestyle choice beyond the month, we caught up with our vegan expert, Rachael Lindsay, to hear her top three basic beauty buys, vegan-style.

Orange & Bergamot Clean Deodorant Balm by The Natural Deodorant Co

I have been searching for some time now for an eco-friendly vegan variety of deodorant that actually works. I found one that worked but irritated my skin, another that was ok if I didn’t sweat too much, another that left residue all over my clothes…in the end I resorted to a non-vegan brand. And then I discovered The Natural Deodorant Co…

It is totally vegan, palm oil, aluminium and preservative free and comes in a handy pot which you just smooth onto your pits. There is sodium bicarb to absorb odours, magnesium oxide to attract moisture and shea butter with coconut oil for moisturization. I tried the orange and bergamot scent which is zesty without being overpowering and I am shocked to tell you that this vegan deodorant actually works: zero BO nastiness, no flare-up of the armpits and no nasty residue. The Natural Deodorant Co have other scents too such as grapefruit and mint, vanilla and manuka and mint and eucalyptus as well as a dedicated range for sensitive skin and for active bodies. I recommend you check it out.

Jecca Makeup Correct & Conceal Palette

I love a bit of mascara or eye shadow and the obligatory lip pop for a night out but day-to-day I prefer looking natural. But, of course, in order to look completely natural, sometimes I want a helping hand…

Jecca to the rescue! I love this new brand – it is gender-neutral and creates products to tackle every beauty concern, however you identify. It is of course natural and vegan-approved and, having used it for a few days now, is the perfect cover-up for spots, blackheads, under-eye circles and any sort of blemish. It even boasts being a great beard shadow cover if this is what you need. They also donate 5% of their profits to Stonewall making it a laudable and effective venture all round.

Nazan Schnapp Detoxing Cleanser

Finding the right cleanser for your daily routine can be tricky, especially when you are looking out for a vegan-approved item to add to the list of criteria. As with deodorant-gate, I have come across a fair few vegan cleansers that are too aggressive or go too heavy on the essential oils. Not so with my Nazan Schnapp Detoxing Cleanser.

It is perfect for my slightly oily and blemish-prone skin. It contains fresh fruit enzymes for clarification, green French clay for detoxification and gently exfoliates with Musk rosehip. Whilst it has exfoliating properties ideal for oily skin, it also gently hydrates and leaves smoother, glowing skin behind. The Swiss Nazan Schnapp brand is PETA approved and makes products in small batches using organic ingredients. They produce all sorts of wonderful other things too from regenerating gels to eye cream using real diamond powder and toners using rose quartz.

To find out more, visit naturaldeoco.com / jecca-makeup.com / nazanschnapp.com (check out contentbeautywellbeing.com to get your hands on Nazan Schnapp UK stock).

Cover photo credit: The Detox Market

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