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Coffee While Traveling: In Which Countries It Is Better to Avoid Drinking Coffee

Coffee While Traveling: In Which Countries It Is Better to Avoid Drinking Coffee

Almost every traveler knows about the benefits of coffee. This drink allows you to cheer up, get a boost of energy and a positive mood.

December 17th, 2020

Almost every traveler knows about the benefits of coffee. This drink allows you to cheer up, get a boost of energy and a positive mood. That is why many travelers drink coffee to learn about the recipe differences and experience new flavoring intonations. But there are countries where you better not drink coffee. This is due to many nuances. Here is a list of countries where you should drink coffee exclusively in a hotel or expensive coffee houses.


At first glance, this may seem counterintuitive since this country is one of the largest African coffee exporters. But the problem is that all high-quality grains are exported. Local coffee shops are notorious for brewing low-quality coffee with husks. As a result, your drink will taste very bitter. Even a lot of milk, sugar, or syrups will not save this coffee.

This is not a country where you can enjoy a hot drink made with the best Colambian coffee beans. Of course, you can find good coffee at inexpensive hotels or coffee shops, but there are not very many places like this in Zimbabwe. Besides, this country has problems with drinking water, and local coffee shops do not always buy purified water for making drinks.


Not so long ago, Mongolia began to produce coffee, but this does not mean that travelers can choose any coffee house and not worry about quality. The fact is that tea is still considered the main drink in this country. Traditional recipes include adding butter, lamb fat, or horse milk. If you are visiting small towns, villages, or wilderness, you should avoid the local hot drinks.

For example, local reindeer herders add fat to coffee. This is not the best combination for a tourist. Your untrained stomach is unlikely to thank you. You should avoid coffee in Mongolia or only drink it in cafeterias. Then you will not be in for an unpleasant surprise.


Even though there are coffee factories and even plantations in Syria, you should not drink this drink in this country. The trip itself will be unsafe. But let’s abstract from military operations and concentrate on hot drinks. Most coffee factories are now temporarily suspended. Coffee imports are too small to cover the needs of the population. Even the best budget coffee makers are very rare for this country at the moment.

Those cafes and coffee houses that still work use barley, coffee husks, or those beans that have remained from the pre-war period. This greatly affects the quality of the hot drink. Even milk or sweets cannot drown out the bitter or too sour taste of the coffee. That is why you should buy beans in advance for your favorite drink and prepare it yourself using a coffee pot.


If you decide to visit this country as a tourist, then you are already at great risk. But even if you are not afraid of local pirates and criminal gangs, you should still be careful with what you eat and drink. The fact is that Zimbabwe is experiencing serious problems with clean water. Even purified and bottled liquid may not meet international standards.

As a result, your coffee can be harmful to your body. Another problem is that tourists are cheated in cafes and coffee shops. You won’t get natural coffee here. Baristas use chicory and coffee peels.

The alcohol trick is also common here. Baristas offer you alcoholic coffee, arguing that it is something like a national drink. If you agree, then you will make a big mistake. Instead of high-quality alcohol, local cafeterias use alcohol. This helps to mask the bitter and burnt taste of the coffee beans.

Sri Lanka

This country is famous for its tea, which is grown on local plantations. Also, coffee production is established here. But local coffee shops are not the best place for tourists. The fact is that local coffee does not differ in its exquisite taste or aroma. Many baristas in the country use flavor enhancers to mask the poor quality of the beans.

Sri Lanka is also known for its original spice coffee recipe. But this is a very specific drink. You can burn your taste buds. Plus, spices are another way to disguise low-quality coffee beans. The fact is that there are no specialized storage facilities in this country, and coffee beans are quickly damp.


You should remember that many factors are affecting the quality of coffee in every country. That is why you should be wary of this drink and trust only a few branded coffee shops. This is especially true for the countries listed above. Sometimes it will be wiser to skip this drink for a while or bring some delicious coffee with you. Then you can prepare a cup of an aromatic drink at the hotel.



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