Colombia: The Must Visit Honeymoon Destination

Okay, so you got married.  Now what?  Once the final fizz is drunk and the bouquet has been thrown to that single, worse-for-wear, dancing queen, it’s time to get your priorities in order.  No, we’re not talking babies and mortgages, we’re talking honeymoons.  Or more specifically – adventures.

Sure, you could do the obvious and fly first-class to Seychelles, but here at House of Coco, we’re thinking, married or not, you deserve something a bit more out-of-the-quintessential-honeymoon-box.

That’s why we’re looking ahead to next year (hey, we like to lead the trends after all) and declaring Colombia 2016’s must visit honeymoon destination.  Yep, we said it – MUST VISIT.

With unbelievable landscapes and creative, buzzing people, Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America.  From the vibrant, pulse-beating city of Cartagena to the unspoiled, exotic beaches of Providencia, Colombia has got honeymoons and adventures in the bag.  Want to explore the depths of the Amazonian rainforest or the peaks of the Andes?  Oh that’s right – Colombia’s got all that as well.


We hear you getting all excited and perhaps also a bit panicky:  I’ve been planning my wedding for three years, I don’t have the energy/strength/stamina/time/patience/insert your own word here to plan an adventure like this as well!!!!

Well fear not, the guys at Chameleon Worldwide are experts at tailor-made holidays, designed especially for you. With extensive destination knowledge and an eye for the unusual, they create bespoke trips all over the world. And you know what that means – Colombia as well.


It’s simple; tell them where you want to go and what sort of honeymoon you’re looking for (relaxing, adventure, beach, city, coffee country – you name it) and they will put together your dream holiday, which will include accommodation in the best hotels and an itinerary that suits your requirements and special interests.  Ta da!

So now what?  You’ve got no excuse.  Time to put the wedding dress in the loft.  Yes we know it’s sad, but the real adventure is just getting started.  Babies schmabies.  We’ll see you in Colombia.

To book your own Colombia adventure, contact:

Chameleon Worldwide

01962 737647 (or +44 1962 737647 from overseas)



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