The Chakras Style Guide merges fashion with spiritual alignment, offering a holistic approach to personal style. Each chakra, representing different aspects of our being, inspires clothing choices that resonate with its energy. From vibrant hues for the root chakra to calming tones for the crown, this guide empowers individuals to express themselves authentically while fostering inner balance. By understanding the connection between our wardrobe and energetic centres, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace the synergy of fashion and spirituality with the Chakras Style Guide, and elevate both your outer appearance and inner harmony.

Colour – the manifestation of dispersed white light into a spectrum of nuances – is beyond spectacular. But did you know that each colour has its own frequency, and the wavelength of light reflected in an object determines its colour?

The intrigue doesn’t end there either. Colour has a direct effect on our emotions because our energetic field corresponds with it. Our body is composed of seven spinning energetic centres, also known as chakras. These centres are specific to points in our body that guard the physical organs related to them, as well as the emotions. Each chakra radiates a type of frequency which is reflected in colour.

That magnificent system was first conceptualised in Indian culture around 800-700 BCE and has now penetrated Western philosophy, too. Through understanding it and balancing our chakras, we can heal ourselves. As colour is all around us, especially in our wardrobe, we can implement knowledge of our chakras and colours into our daily routine to live a wholesome and harmonious life. Here is how to boost each chakra through colour.

Red – root chakra

Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra is your connection with the Earth, your ancestors, and your instincts. It’s represented by the eye-catching vermillion red – a symbol of power, strength, and courage. The root chakra is your association with survival, protection, and self-awareness.

When the root chakra is over-developed, you can become hyperactive, angry, and obsessed with material possessions. If you’re looking to tone down your root chakra, wear more green.

If your root chakra is under-developed, however, it’s likely that you’ll feel fearful, lethargic, and unmotivated. In that instance, bring more red into your outfit, which will ground you and remind you of your personal power and stability.

How to style red: red is often associated with passion and many ladies decide to wear a red dress on a date. This is certainly no coincidence as red revitalises you and equips you with the courage to chase love. Alternatively, if you’re going to a job interview or have an important meeting, bring along a crossbody bag in red print – a reminder that you have everything under control. For men, wear a red tie.

Orange – sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the source of your creativity, joy, and sexuality. It’s located in your lower abdomen and is represented by the colour orange. This is the centre of pleasure from which our desire to create and procreate stem.

It’s also the guardian of our genitals, bladder, and colon. So, when we lack enough orange in our lives, it’s likely that we feel as if something is holding us back from finding fulfilment and can even experience pain in any of those organs.

An over-stimulated sacral chakra, however, can result in you becoming obsessed with creative pursuits or indulging in your carnal sexual desires. In that case, you might need some guidance and insight, which a hint of blue can bring you.

How to style orange: orange underwear can be a subtle reminder of your sensual feminine side, so why not wear it every day? For a quick mood uplift, wear an orange shirt and don’t forget to bring your orange umbrella on a rainy day!

Solar plexus chakra – yellow

The solar plexus chakra is the centre of our personal power and is located below the chest. It’s the sunshine residing within us and radiating our aura to the whole world. It’s also home to our self-confidence and self-esteem. Reflected in bright yellow colour, the solar plexus chakra is where we need to focus on if we’re feeling insecure and are unable to see our worth.

Showcasing arrogance and superiority to other people is usually a sign of an over-developed solar plexus chakra. To ground yourself, invite a bit more red into your wardrobe. On the other hand, an underdeveloped solar plexus chakra means that you need to welcome more sunshine and self-love into your life. We all know that yellow is the perfect colour to give you that sunny happiness boost.

How to style yellow: there are no rules when it comes to nurturing your inner child. Add a splash of yellow wherever it feels right. That might be in your underwear or outer layers, accessories, and even your home! You deserve to radiate the sun!

Heart chakra – green

Have you ever wondered where all your love is contained? It’s in the heart chakra ornamented in a bright green oriole. Love knows no limits and neither does your heart chakra. Located in the centre of your chest, right next to your heart, it’s the source of humanity’s most cherished values: compassion, kindness, and unconditional love.

A blocked heart chakra simply means that you’re lacking love, especially for other people, and have emotional problems. Bring more green into your life and show that you’re not afraid to reveal your vulnerable side.

Alternatively, if you’ve opened your heart chakra too much, you might be too emotionally available. This might result in choosing a partner that’s not good for you since you’ve been blinded by love.

It’s in the heart chakra ornamented in a bright green oriole. Love knows no limits and neither does your heart chakra.

How to style green: when you’re lacking a little sweetness in your life, put on a green dress or hoodie to warm up your heart. As this chakra is located in the prime place for necklaces, so close to the centre of yourself, you can wear healing crystal pendants associated with that energetic centre. Malachite, jade, and aventurine are great for that.

Chakras Style Guide

Throat chakra – blue

Your ability to speak your truth is governed by your throat chakra coloured in magnificent sky blue. It also symbolises clear communication, speech, and creative writing.

Oftentimes, when our throat chakra is underdeveloped, we tend to suffer from tonsilitis or loss of voice. When it’s over-stimulated, we may lose our speech filter and say things we might regret later. This can lead to deceit, disloyalty, and exaggeration in our stories.

How to style blue: only the sky is the limit when it comes to expressing your truth. Show the world your authentic self by wearing sky blue in the form of scarves, coats, accessories, and all sorts of garments. The more indulgent, the better!

Third eye chakra – indigo

Your wisdom and your ability to see the true colours of things reside in the energetic centre governed by the colour indigo. Your third eye chakra is located between your brows and is responsible for your intuition, vast imagination, and even clairvoyance.

A lot of mediums and clairvoyants have a well-developed third eye chakra. They’re able to see beyond our physical world and into the metaphysical. We all possess that ability within ourselves, yet we need to ensure that we open our third eye chakra carefully, step by step. If we rush the process, we risk becoming overwhelmed by the knowledge we receive and developing mental issues.

On the contrary, having an under-stimulated third eye chakra can result in problems with the sinuses and allergies, as well as vision problems.

How to style indigo: to boost your vision for all things important, wear indigo as often as you can. Jewellery featuring a healing stone, such as sodalite, is a great addition to any outfit. If you’re feeling indecisive, an indigo top or acid-washed indigo jeans are your best choice.

Crown chakra – violet

The crown chakra, located at the top of your head, is the all-encompassing energetic centre that governs all of the rest. Like the guardian Moon, it connects the divine with human nature. It’s the bridge between life on Earth and the universe. That’s why the crown chakra is associated with spirituality, perfection, and idealism.

If you have too much violet in your crown chakra, you might become overly involved in the spiritual realms, ignoring your bodily sensations and the physical world. Vice versa, if your crown chakra is neglected, you’re likely to lack purpose and motivation in life, feeling powerless.

How to style violet: violet is the colour of enlightenment. Discover what’s beyond our physical realm and invite a healthy dose of spirituality by wearing violet. To connect with the higher realms, wear a violet hat, and to activate other chakras, pair it with the relevant colour.

Colour is all around us, yet few people are aware of how powerful it is. When we understand how the chakra systems and the colours work, we can coordinate our outfits to elucidate specific emotions and balance our energetic centres for a healthy and fulfilling life.


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