We have just about all got used to our new norm of lockdown, and we’re baking, eating, and enjoying home comforts more than ever, so #TeamCoco has put together a few foodie home comforts for you to check out.

You’ll find hearty sausages and burgers (meat and veggie), savoury treats, flour (for all your bread and baking needs), something sweet for those with a sweet tooth, and much loved seasoning of salt!


We have added the all-important sausage into our comfort foods because, who doesn’t love a sausage, whether it be pork, chicken, chorizo, veggie or vegan, we’re all partial to a sausage or two.

HECK has got some great new lines for summer, including a versatile frozen range launching in May that’s perfect for these unusual times when we’re relying more on store cupboard essentials, cutting waste and turning to our freezers for good food. The frozen range is gluten-free, additive-free and is aiming to cut food waste and plastic packaging with its 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.

In fresh and chilled, they’ve got new Pork Chorizo sausages coming to Tesco soon, plus they’re expanding distribution of some of their popular recipes this summer.

So for all your BBQ needs, toad in the whole specials, sausage butty fillings, classic sausage and mash, chicken Italia burgers, or vegfurters, look no further than HECK.

HECK Chicken Chorizo, £3
HECK Meat-Free Chipolatas, £2.50
HECK Chicken Italia Burgers, £2.50
HECK Chicken Italia Sausages, £2.50

HECK Simply Chicken Sausages
HECK Family Favourite Sausages
HECK Reduced Fat Pork Sausages
HECK Vegfurters
HECK Meat-Free Sausages
HECK Vegan Breakfast
All £4.50 each (600g), available from a selection of supermarkets across the UK.

Karma Bites

We have added Karma Bites into the comfort food mix, because we’re always up for trying new and improved savoury treats.

Super tasty and healthy, Karma Bites are crispy spheres of wholesome goodness! They are gluten-free, vegan friendly, low in fat, low in calories and a great source of protein.

For thousands of years, Chinese physicians and Indian practitioners of Ayurveda have used the nutritious super seeds of the Lotus flower, and Karma Bites use the same seeds from the Water Lily family to make a delicious wholesome snack with a taste like no other! Carefully harvested and lovingly prepared, they’re gently dried in the sun and popped in a low heat to preserve the goodness, before being flavoured to perfection.

Priced at £1.59 per packet, 100-125 calories per pack, available in Peri-Peri, Wasabi, and Himalayan Pink Salt – and for those with a penchant for sweet treats, then you’re lucky because Karma Bites are also available in Caramel or Coconut & Vanilla. From www.karmabites.co.uk

Tobia Teff Flour

Did you know that flourmills are working around the clock, struggling to meet demand, triggered by the recent baking frenzy during lockdown. And, flour sales are up by 92% compared to the same period last year! So, we absolutely have to include flour into our comfort food must-haves for 2020.

You can’t escape the flurry of banana cake and sourdough posts on Instagram as we become a nation of at-home bakers! While the supermarket shelves are now fully stocked with eggs and toilet rolls again, the shelves in the baking aisle are bare. Alternative flours were predicted to be a big food trend for this year by Whole foods, so get trendy and get baking with this batch of alternative flours!

A versatile grain the size of a poppy seed being hailed as the new quinoa, Teff is naturally gluten-free and packs a nutritional punch. Native to Ethiopia, Teff is vegan, nutrient-rich, super-tasty and has been called a Hollywood superfood.

Despite being the smallest in the world, this super tiny grain with not-so-tiny power is protein and fibre rich and boasts a range of health benefits. Not only does Teff contain more calcium and vitamin C than almost any other grain, it also provides a great combination of essential amino acids needed for the body’s growth and repair. Rich in magnesium, naturally low in fat and sodium, abundant in easily absorbed iron and much of its fibre is a type known as resistant starch, which has been linked in studies to health benefits such as improved blood sugar.

Tobia Teff Flour is Priced at £7.30 (for Organic Brown Teff Flour or Organic White Teff Flour), £6.10 (for Brown or White Teff Flour). Available from www.tobiateff.co.uk

Gregory’s Tree

Gregory’s Tree is a tasty fruit twist snack bar free from dairy, gluten, and wheat and made with 100% organic ingredients. We have included it in a selection of comfort foods because it is both a sweet treat and is part of your five-a-day!

Each Gregory’s Tree Blueberry and Raspberry Double Twist and new Strawberry Fruit Twist bar bursts with fruity flavour as each is made from pure organic fruit, which is gently heated and pulped to give it that extra tasty twist.

They’re naturally great tasting being only 60 calories a pack and one of your recommended five a day portions of fruit and veg. Gregory’s Tree is also, 100% vegan-friendly.

Priced from £2.80 (5 x 18g), available from Morrisons, Whole Foods, and As Nature Intended.

Maldon Sea Salt

We couldn’t put a list of comfort foods together without including Maldon Sea Salt and their gourmet salt flakes. Sea salt is just one of those simple pleasures in life that gives a subtle enhancement to most dishes.

With an increase in need for store cupboard essentials right now there is one thing which is a must have to add flavour to your cooking. Maldon Salt traditional sea salt flakes and their brand new grinder style is a perfect staple to add to savoury (and some sweet!) dishes.

Priced at around £3.50 (55g), available from Tesco, Ocado, Morrisons, and more.


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