Pain is a part of life. Our nervous system is wired in such a way that any bodily issues will cause it to send a warning signal to our brains. Unfortunately, this warning signal comes in the form of pain.

This is an oversimplification of the process, of course; but we will all experience some form of pain st some point. You can suffer from nerve damage, chronic back pain, arthritis or just a run of the mill head ache. Either way, your doctor will seek to find the best way to relieve this pain using their medical knowledge.

In the meantime, you are often left to deal with your pain until a solution is found. So, what are you to do? Here are some alternative medicines that you can use to try and manage your pain.


You can’t talk about pain management without first discussing the most common method of treating it. Over the counter medication, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, are normally the first thing that your doctor will recommend to relieve your pain. These pills are proven to work for certain ailments, but they do come with a few issues.

These pills aren’t great for dealing with long-term or chronic pain. They are quite mild, and it is dangerous to take more than the suggested dose. Therefore, you may find that these medications are ineffective.

Also, these types of pills are only supposed to be used for a short time. This is because the body can build up a tolerance to the rug, which means that you need to take more to feel the effects. Plus, there have been cases of over dependency.

So, what are the alternatives?


A chiropractor is trained to manipulate your spine in a manner that eases the strain on specific parts of the body. Your pain may be a result of this imbalance, therefore a trip to the chiropractor may provide the cure for what ails you.

A doctor is likely to recommend a chiropractor for back pain. It is their speciality after all. However, there has been some discrepancies about the effectiveness of these types of treatments. While the chiropractor works to seek out the cause of your problem, it may take several appointments which can be quite expensive.


CBD is the short form for cannabinol, a substance derived from the cannabis plant that can help with pain relief. There is no reason to worry about its source as legally obtained CBD will contain no traces of THC, the chemical in cannabis that is responsible for psychedelic highs.

As a result, using the best balanced strains of CBD provides a calming effect that targets your nerve receptors to relieve pain. CBD has become a ready source for pain management since it became legal, and you can take it in all manner of forms.

CBD oil can be taken as a pill, a supplement or eaten in the form of CBD edibles. The CBD edible is rapidly becoming the most popular form of the substance and is offered by a wide range of providers, including CBD Queen. This is because CBD works best when taken orally.


Acupuncture was once seen as a strange treatment that was reserved for unique parts of the world. Now, acupuncture has become a regular part of western medicine.

Acupuncture involves poking the patient with needles in designated places. It is unclear as to why acupuncture works to relieve pain, yet it has been proven to be effective. Some researchers believe that these needles target specific nerves to dull them, others think that the needles need to be dipped in a numbing solution and applied to the troubled area.

Either way, this solution is quickly becoming one of the more popular methods of pain relief.

Regular Exercise

The idea of working your body may sound counterproductive to managing your pain, especially if it is chronic. However, exercising regularly can strengthen your muscles and make you more attuned to your body.

Of course, you should probably keep your exercise brief when trying to manage chronic pain. You don’t’ want to make things worse. Also, check with your doctor before you undertake any rigorous exercise with a lasting medical condition.

Talking Therapy

Talking about your problems will not solve the cause of your pain, but it does have some knock n effects that can help you feel better.

A good chat about your problems with a professional can rapidly increase your mood, and provide clarity about key issues. A healthy mind is not something to underestimate, and you will find yourself in a better position to deal with your symptoms if you are in a better mood.

Again, this is not a quick fix, but therapy can work alongside other methods to help reduce your pain. Treat the root cause of vertigo with chiropractor if its difficult for you to do everyday things like read, walk around the block due to vertigo.


One thing should be clear now that you have read this article. No matter how bad your pain is, you are not alone and there are plenty of things that you can try as relief. Always talk with your doctor before you pursue alternative medicines, but don’t rule any of them out. One of these solutions could provide the answer you are looking for.


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