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Common Betting numbers In Roulette 

Common Betting numbers In Roulette 

Bring a child to a casino and the first thing they would run over too has simply got to be the famous Roulette wheel.

November 2nd, 2018

Bring a child to a casino and the first thing they would run over too has simply got to be the famous Roulette wheel. It is a fact so certain you could put money on it, and it is not just children that have a fascination with this dynamic and exciting piece of casino equipment, far from it in fact. In actuality the Roulette wheel is one of the most popular things in any casino, and is there any surprise there? It visualises the course of fate in a far more entertaining manner than just seeing what cards are dealt from a deck after all. If you’re interested in learning even more about roulette, you can click to see the most common roulette numbers here.

Most other games in the casino are fun mainly because of the money aspect, but Roulette can be bucket loads of fun even without any serious dollar on the line. But what are the most common bets in Roulette? Well, the way placing bets works in this game is generally split into two categories; inside and outside bets. Within these there are also differing ways in which you can place your wagers, and it is worth knowing what these are…

Inside Bets

An inside bet is the name given to any wagers made on the inside zone of the betting table that will be found on either side of the Roulette wheel itself. This area corresponds directly to the numbers on the wheel, so an inside bet is one that is made with the assurance that you know which value the ball will land on.

Luckily for us though players in Roulette do not need to only bet on one number, there are few methods in which you can cover several values with one bet:

  • Straight: With a straight bet your wager will only cover the value that you have placed the chip on.
  • Split: You might be able to guess what this one means… Put your chip on the line in between two values and your bet will cover both!
  • Street: It doesn’t end there though; with a street bet you can cover three values, just bare in mind they must be in a row. Put your chip on the edge of this row in order to do this.
  • Square: Your bet could even cover four different values, however they must all be in a square together on the betting table. Simply put your chip in the middle of the square to make this one happen.

Outside Bets

Now, the inside bets are often the general source of most wagers being made on the Roulette wheel, however outside bets can also play a big part in any wins. The outside bets are slightly more generalised, and often end up covering more values in one go than the inside bets. Some of the examples of these include:

  • Red or Black: Each number on the Roulette wheel is either red of black, this bet does exactly what it says on the tin – will the winning number be red or black?
  • Odd or Even: Again this is a bet that pretty much does everything it says. Place a bet here and it is pretty much a direct split whether it will be successful or not.
Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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