Don’t know what to wear in a casino?

Dressing guide for men to wear at a casino

Our experts have listed the best attire options that you can consider.

Wearing the right dress code at a particular casino shows that you respect the casino rules as well as other fellow players. Clearly, there are different attires that you can wear at a casino during the course of the day. Here is a simple guide for you that you need to follow before heading over to your nearby casino.

White tie

If you are looking for the poshest fashion statement in all of the western dresses, then the white tie is the best bet for you!

This formal-attire style statement dates back to 1700s and included flouncy topcoats, blouses, and breeches. Of course, people don’t wear these nowadays! The style has evolved over the years but the smartness which is associated with the attire has remained the same. This style is usually limited in some high-end casinos but if you are planning on visiting an event at any casino, then you can consider wearing this anytime.

What you need to buy – a black dress coat with tails, white shirt with wing collars, leather shoes with black socks, white or grey gloves, a white bow tie, and a stiffened front.

Black tie

You can call this as the second option after Black Tie in terms of posh feeling.

You will find these attires in renowned casinos like Monte Carlo, Europe. This formal attire became famous during the 1880s when tuxedo was invented. Usually, this attire is perfect for wearing at casinos after 6 pm.

What you need to buy – black bow tie, white shirt, leather shoes, black dinner jacket, and an evening waistcoat

Black tie optional

Compared to other forms of attires, this form is relatively new. You won’t find casinos advertising that they are black-tie optional but this is a safe attire to wear if you want the casino to assume that you mean business while satisfying their dressing expectations.

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What you need to buy – a conservative tie, white shirt, dark suit, and dark leather dress shoe


Morning events are usually less formal. This is why this category was invented which acted as a bridge between the formal and informal.

This style is usually worn in events before noon but can be used for evening events as well. You won’t find a casino showing a semi-formal sign outside their gate but if you press enough they can consider semiformal in place of a formal attire as long as you have a toe and a suit,

What you need to buy – Leather dress shoes, conservative tie, dress shirt of conservative colour, matching vest and a dark business suit.

Business formal

This is just the dress that you wear to your work. It is one step down from semi-formal wear and differentiates vastly for women, But nowadays men usually consider both semi-formal and business formal as the same thing. This attire is perfect for an evening gateway at the casino. You can skip the tie if you are a low-end casino. These clothes are accepted almost in every casino around the world.

What you need to buy – Similar to semi formals. Skip the tie if you want to.


Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can wear anything to the casino. Casual attire at a casino represents clean, nice-looking clothing with brightly coloured, wildly-patterned attires. Casuals are allowed in the majority of US casinos.

What you need to buy – sneakers, casual shirt, a plain t-shirt, Cargo or Bermuda shorts, and Khaki pants or blue jeans


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