Conrad London St. James Launches ‘Skinny Rebel’ Altitude Training

Conrad London St. James is set to revolutionise the hotel fitness scene by introducing a brand new ‘Skinny Rebel’ workout, combining the use of altitude masks with high intensity and total body, functional training. From this month, the hotel will be collaborating with Train Dirty London to offer fitness enthusiasts exclusive access to the workout in the hotel’s modern fitness centre. Conrad London St. James will be the only hotel in the UK and Europe to debut the regime,inspiring guests with the benefits of altitude training by raising their heart rate to 199 beats per minute and burning up to 1,000 calories. Session capacity will be limited to an intimate number due to the challenging, stimulating and intense nature of the workout.

Skinny Rebel Workout

Based in the fitness centre at Conrad London St. James, guests will push their fitness boundaries with a high intensity workout, incorporating the use of an altitude mask throughout some or all of the session if they wish. By wearing an altitude mask, the Skinny Rebel workout exposes the body to reduced oxygen levels. With less oxygen available in the air and less oxygen therefore circulating, the body makes captive changes as to how it uses oxygen as well as its available energy stores. Benefits include an increase in lung capacity, energy production, anaerobic threshold, mental focus, as well as breath re-training. The overall experience guests will receive is an intense, full body workout which incorporates weighted equipment with altitude masks. Putting their physical and mental limits to the test, participants can join the rebellious movement and see visible results in as little as two sessions per week over 6 weeks.

“We are extremely excited to be collaborating with Skinny Rebel workout. As the first and only hotel in the UK and Europe to offer these sessions, we are aiming to revolutionise the way the hospitality industry approaches fitness. Ultimately, we envisage these sessions will offer participants the perfect combination of cutting-edge exercise and training in our contemporary fitness centre,” said Nicholas Chalmers, General Manager of Conrad London St. James.

Skinny Rebel workouts will run weekly from September at Conrad London St. James available for both in-house guests and non-hotel guests. Workout is priced at £40 for one 45 minute session or £35 each for 6 sessions.

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